Spotlight: The Weekend by Alan Winnikoff

On an autumn Friday evening in New York City in the mid-1990’s, two twenty-somethings meet up for a glass of wine in a borrowed luxury apartment in lower Manhattan.  Although they’ve already shared some late night stolen kisses, they are just beginning to get to know each other.  Over the next two days, as their mutual attraction grows, they are revealed as alternately generous and petty, brave and fearful, giving and self-absorbed. Is one weekend long enough for them to find out if they are truly meant to be together? Or, come Sunday, will they simply part and go their separate ways, their weekend hook-up destined to be nothing more than a fond memory?

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Carolyn moved quickly to straighten the bedding as Jeff made a feeble attempt to assist. Then she fell backwards, letting her head sink into the oversized pillows. After a moment, Jeff followed, pushing off his shoes and stretching out next to her.

As they lay on the bed together, it was as if the highly charged energy that had propelled them thus far had gone into suspended animation. Carolyn still seemed preoccupied with her self-perceived recent character failings, while Jeff was not yet completely over his own questionable actions from the previous night. As a result, in spite of the overwhelming sexual tension hanging heavy in the air, neither made an immediate attempt to undress either themselves or each other. Instead, they simply clung to one another, quiet and motionless.

Finally, Carolyn broke the mood. “All right,” she declared, sitting up on the bed, pulling her sweater over her head. “Someone’s got to make the first move or we could go on like this all night.”

He watched the sweater come off and Jeff checked himself.  Gawking open-mouthed, like some pimply-faced adolescent about to cop his first feel, was not the way to go. Steve McQueen again.

Carolyn lay back and eased out of her jeans. She smiled at him. “If you insist on leaving your clothes on, I’m going to start to feel really awkward.”





About the Author

Alan Winnikoff is the co-founder and owner of a New York City based public relations, social media and branding firm. A native of Los Angeles, Alan moved to Manhattan after college and now lives in Westchester County, New York with his wife, Pamela Kroll, and their two sons. The Weekend is his first published work of longer fiction.

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