Spotlight: The Only Voice I Could Hear Was Yours by Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan explores various themes from marriage, love, heartbreak, betrayal, divorce, pain to motherhood, self, revival and healing in poetic verse. Each piece aims to go beyond just words, as it reveals an emotion which everyone can find a part of themselves relate to.

This book is beautifully and eloquently written and contains reflective excerpts of each theme of life.


About the Author:

Uzma Khan is a writer and an aspiring author residing in the UK. Her passion for writing with an inspirational story has inspired many around her, as she continues to receive endless amounts of love and support.



Excerpt from the book:


“Play of life

I take off the masks, in the darkness of night

tired and exhausted, from the play of life

I try and find hope, in the small rays of light

looking at myself, from a different sight


My mask of a mother, dressed in flowers

loves and nurtures, its fluttering kites in all hours

My mask of a daughter, glazed in royal blue

reminds me of my responsibilities

and dues to my broken pool

My mask of a sister, stitched in shades of green

spreads harmony and security

to the seeds growing into trees


I gently dust the pieces,

of the mask of the woman inside

embellished in the colours

of black, gold and white

I look in the mirror, a reflection of a broken soul

a title, a status I proudly hold”



The Only Voice I Could Hear Was Yours is available in paperback from Amazon UK and Amazon US.





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