Spotlight: The Equilibrium of Eternity’s Playground by Andrew Lennard

The transcendental truth had always been hidden from the spiritual being.

Even among the enigma of supernatural existence the celestial contradictions of the consecrated cosmos were concealed from the Archangel and Seraphim.

But the days of a duplicitous divine design were numbered.

Infinity’s lies are about to come to an end.

The mutiny of three malevolent malcontents are ready to destroy the Deity’s deceit as Parrish May and Ecole’s insurrection ignites the flames of divine dissidence in heaven and earth releasing an angelic apocalypse.

But can the three subversive seraphs rebellion alter the numinous nebula of creation with their seditious symmetry?

Or will the inviolable equilibrium of eternity’s playground come to a bitter end?



Excerpt from the book:

 “Ecole pondered the future events moving towards the renegade spirit, eager to make a mystical mark upon the spiritual universe, just as Lucifer had aeons ago.

But it was going to be different this time; Ecole was going to change the spiritual architect’s self-indulgent spiritual sport forever.

Ecole had become bitter as the angel’s attitude soured performing the sanctimonious duties required of cherubs despite the subversive seraphs celestial cynicism connected to its paranormal position as angelic arbitrator between humans and the numinous nebula.

A clandestine corruption was born concealing the corrupted cherubs spiritually sullied outlook, kept behind the backs of the divine dissident’s angelic contemporaries; and most importantly the Godhead itself.

No spiritual entity could know the anarchic angel’s mystical mind was finally made up to relinquish the revered role as a spiritual guide to humanity and as a member of the sacrosanct Seraphim.

But Ecole no longer had faith in what the spiritual world believed to be true concerning humanity and its mass of problems despite Ecole the seraph always offering solutions for humans to transform the quandaries the collection of atoms found themselves in and the dilemmas mortality washed its hands of but always felt comfortable complaining about.

The celestial contradiction was intolerable.

For Ecole, corporeal civilization was stuck in a rut.

Its day to day mortal existence brought nothing but differences of opinion among humanity’s cynical pundits who only offered dogmatic diatribes to explain the spiritual conundrum they found themselves in.

They were too blind to see that earth was the tutor, they were its pupils, life was an exam and death was the end of the contract for the human condition to pass existences curriculum.”



“The Equilibrium of Eternity’s Playground” is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK.

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