Spotlight: The Elementals in Space by Jane Mckeogh

A magical story of the little people (the elementals) as they fly to their spaceship on mythological stallions around the cosmos.


About the Book:

The elementals are who I call “The Little People”. They are only visible to a few. Let them take you into their chat room of Astrology classes in outer space. You can learn about amazing mythology & planetary details. Open your minds to fantasy and facts while exploring the planets. Discover your astrology characteristics.

Packed with interesting space and astrology information and entwined in a magical story of the little people as they fly to their spaceship on mythological stallions around the cosmos. “The Elementals in Space” depicts the elementals’ escapades in twelve creative chapters, incorporated in a tale from the author’s knowledge & imagination.




“There are four immortal stallions, three are from Greek mythology.

Pegasus, the leader, has a pure white velvety coat.  Arion, an extremely swift horse who has been roaming the skies forever and Balius who fought beside Achilles in all his battles and drew his chariot in the famous Trojan war.

Tulpar, the swift-winged hunter, is from Asian mythology.

These last three have coats of luxurious soft purple velvet with golden speckles.

They have beautiful long wings and can fly with enormous power and strength. They make a strong, courageous team.”



The Elementals in Space is available in hardback and paperback from Amazon UK. It is also available from Amazon US.



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