Spotlight: The Deadly Secret by Ann Frewer


Why has an eccentric old scientist been acting even more strangely than usual?

Who owns the yellow van that mysteriously appears everywhere?

Will Baninjano be saved from certain peril?

This is a tale of growing suspense as Princess Emily and the Royal Pets – Albert, Poppy, Jacob and Carrie the cat – are forced into a fearsome battle to keep the Deadly Secret free from falling into enemy hands. Remarkable illustrations by Princess Emily (with a few by Poppy) help explain the various twists and turns in this extraordinary adventure, as battling against overwhelming odds it seems they face disaster…

The vibrant, colourful illustrations in this book make this tale extraordinary.



 “’Emily,’ squeaked Poppy, ‘I need you to put those wings on me.’

‘Of course you don’t.  They’re for humans to wear, not dogs,’ said Emily, paying her very little attention. But this was what Poppy had expected and it didn’t put her off in the slightest. Standing on her hind legs, she began to scrabble at Emily’s arm, yelping ‘please’ with every scrabble.

‘Oh very well,’ agreed Emily impatiently, keen to finish her sum and leave, ‘but only for a moment mind.’  And as quickly as she could Emily tied the wings onto Poppy with a bright red ribbon.

Poppy was ecstatic. At last she had them on. First she stood completely still, to get the feel of those marvellous wings towering above her.  Then she took one or two steps around the room to get used to their wobble.  Next she jogged round the room to make certain they wouldn’t fall off.  That done, she was ready for everybody to see what she was about to do. With an eager bark, she cried, ‘Watch me, I’m going to fly!’ and shot out of the room.”


Amazon reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars  An excellent tale of animal adventure

By Wordly Traveller on 16 Sept. 2016

An imaginative adventure tale, with excellent illustrations. Full of questions and mystery, which children will enjoy.

They’ll also love all the animals in this book and their various adventures and misadventures.

This book would make a great movie!



 “The Deadly Secret” is available in paperback from Amazon UK and Amazon USA.