Spotlight: Soul to Soul: Creating a Successful Relationship by Joseph McKeaney

The issue of relationships and partners will undoubtedly form one of the more complex issues we are likely to face in our lives. As contemporary people, we are singularly unprepared for the full range of issues and hidden elements within relationships that we will ultimately encounter.

The modern idea of confidence, happiness and self-empowerment is to strive to acquire wealth, status, material possessions, and this is equated with the fulfilment we are all seeking. In tandem with this, to develop a co-relationship with a partner, a bond which is both enriching and satisfying, but nowhere in the structure or content of secular life are any indications given as to how we achieve the latter i.e. how to prepare oneself and how to choose a partner who matches our own nature. In fact, this is singularly missing from our modern cultures. In ancient times, this facet of life consisted of a whole branch of arcane science = the Science of Types or Essence Types.

When we reach adulthood, we only possess the vaguest idea what type of partner will fulfil our nature; the person who will be the ‘ying’ to our ‘yang’. It is a mystery to be solved, and we blunder along in many cases, with a line of failure behind us, because we lack experience and we can only be described as immature or naive. We have no idea, in general how to measure others or even what will make us happy in this life – everything is a gamble in many respects.

Our task is to educate ourselves in relation to our own intrinsic nature and also, that of others. It is only through understanding human nature and all of our contemporary weaknesses, faults, and peccadillos, that we can hope to have the necessary insights to avoid incompatible partners in life. We can save ourselves a vast amount of hardship and pain by doing a little preparatory work – in advance. This is partly the raison d’etre of this current nexus of materials. We will take a forensic look at the make-up and psychology of our contemporary relationships and just as important – the art of relating. Much is determined by communication, and communication is based predominantly on the qualities of the people in any given relationship – this is a universal rule.


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