Spotlight: Snaffles the Cat by Noah Gerrard

Snaffles was a cute little kitten and lived with a kind old lady. He loved to play with her slippers or gloves and he would have a go at anything that moved! He was always getting into mischief but this did not stop him.

In these adventures of Snaffles, we meet many of his friends in the neighbourhood. These include the beautiful Miss Moonlight, the pretty little cat who lived across the road, Baxter the HUGE pig, Tick and Tock, the mice that live in the grandfather clock, and many others.

Snaffles often gets into all kinds of scrapes but always manages to escape. It seems that cats really do have nine lives!


About the Author

 These stories were initially told by Noah Gerrard to his son, Rob, who decided to turn this collection of charming cat tales into a book for other avid young readers to enjoy.  Rob is a retired executive living in St. Helens and is now busy enjoying himself and writing memorable children’s stories.



“Snaffles the Cat” by Noah Gerrard is currently available in paperback format with coloured illustrations and as an e-book from Amazon UK and from Amazon US.


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Darin Jewell (literary agent for Rob Gerrard)
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The Inspira Group Literary Agency
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