Spotlight: One Creation: Do You Prefer Love or Fear? by Clemens B. Schlettwein

What might happen when a man lost in his world suddenly has an enlightening experience and begins creating a new reality, consciously?

He might come to understand the words of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and all the others who, like them, have been so often glorified yet rarely understood. He might come to believe in love. He might come to talk about it, act on it, even write about it.

This is the book he might write.

What would happen if others joined him, acting on love, and such a book became an inspiration to many?

The world might taste the dream of a great transformation from which a new society could emerge.

This New Age novel tells the story of such a man, and of the global awakening that transforms our world into the society that so many of us dream about. It is a beautiful dream, yet it is just one option out of infinitely many, because ultimately it is just one creation.


About the Author

What perhaps best characterized the author, Clemens Schlettwein, is his spirituality, alive and in constant evolution, which is always reflected in his creations, whether his articles, essays or novels, or his work in animal protection through different NGO’s in both Switzerland and Spain. Born in Switzerland, Clemens has also lived in the USA, UK, Australia and finally settled in Spain, where, together with his wife Gemma, they created the non-profit organization Fundacion Trifolium, which since 1998 works to protect animals and nature.

Clemens is, one could say, a modern-day nomad and pilgrim, an idealist and dreamer that calls on our door and invites us to sit in the street with him, to observe the Life that he so loves. The Earth is his home, and his soul is close to causes he understands to be loving, to be expanding of consciousness, such as, among others, the wellbeing of our friends, the animals. “For me,” he says, “writing is creating consciously. I feel free when I write, and above all, at peace with myself.”

To find out more about Clemens’ work in animal protection, see:


Review of the book:

“One Creation is an authentic and fascinating story.  Anyone who has had any kind of spiritual experience can benefit greatly from reading it.  I have recommended it to many people.”

– Wolfgang Schellhorn, Ayahuasquero


One Creation: Do You Prefer Love or Fear? by Clemens B. Schlettwein is available in hardback from Amazon  UK and is also available from Amazon US.



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