Spotlight: Mean and Dark by Howard Jackson

In HORROR PICKERS Howard Jackson examined and dissected forty horror films. This time in MEAN AND DARK, he also adds a few film noir favourites to the mix. All the selected movies have baffled people in trouble. But in examining the films Howard Jackson makes a bold attempt to explain what really haunts and perhaps inspires us. The combination of gloomy ideas, defiant opinion, perceptive analysis and sly humour makes MEAN AND DARK an addictive read and a must for film fans.

As before, the collection of films that Howard Jackson probes for meaning and ideas ranges from 1945 to the present day and includes dark and chilling cinema from the USA, Europe, UK, South America, Scandinavia and Asia. The list includes familiar favourites and some surprises.


‘A wonderous collection of horror film criticism, delivers exquisite insight into our favourite fright flicks.’

David Saunderson, The Spooky Isles

‘Marvellous and entertaining.’

Crime Chronicles



MEAN AND DARK by Howard Jackson is available from bookshops & online in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia in paperback from Amazon and in e-book format in the UK and USA.

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