Spotlight: Management in a Minute by Philip C. Cripps

You have so many demands on your time that you cannot afford the luxury of even a two-day course.

Well, now you can build your skills by the MINUTE.

MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE will provide you with practical, proven and powerful ways to enhance your managerial skills.

Each Message addresses one specific aspect of communicating with team members, colleagues, clients and customers.

As you master each technique and approach you will see tangible improvements in the results you achieve.

MANAGEMENT IN A MINUTE will also stimulate your interest in learning more about how to communicate more successfully with people.



 Excerpt from the Book:


Listening and hearing are not the same thing. Hearing is an instinctive act. We do not need to think to hear. Listening is a conscious act. It requires us to undertake a number of very specific actions.

When you are listening you do NOT do the following:

 Interrupt.

 Jump to conclusions.

 Allow your prejudices to prevail.

 Focus on the messenger rather than the message.

 Day dream.


Instead you:

 Remain passive.

 Ask questions for clarification.

 Demonstrate empathy with your contact.

 Show attentive posture.

 Smile in agreement and to acknowledge points.

 Convey an interesting tone of voice.


Because, there is nothing you can possibly say to an individual that would be half as interesting to THEM as the things they would love to tell you about themselves and their idea.”




“Management in a Minute” is available in hardback, paperback, and e-book from Amazon UK.

It is also available from Amazon US.



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