Spotlight: Into the Maze by Euan McAllen

The Maze divides up the land, isolating communities and loved ones, and hated ones. On the Outside, the League of Monasteries rules supreme. On the Inside, the Kingdom rules in ignorance of its own isolation, free of all Gods. At its centre, the Village struggles to survive. This is a story of confusion, conflict, deception and double-crossing between members of a dysfunctional Royal Family. It is also the story of a despotic Chief Monk, and the story of an orphaned village girl wishing for a better life. By the end the emotional complexity, hurt and betrayals overwhelms all.



“No matter, Iedazimus told himself.  He did not need an advantage, just clear thinking.  Unfortunately with his hangover that was not to be had, instead all he had was a bad mix of fog and excitement.  No matter, Iedazimus told himself again.  He raised his knife then hesitated.  Could he kill this sad, broken shell of a man, a man who had lost it all?  He would never find out.  The enemy raised his sword.  The sword was bigger.  Suddenly, the knife felt tiny, useless, but still Iedazimus, the proud warrior, lunged forward and made his challenge.  Weak in the head (and a little at the knees) he heard himself apologizing.

‘Sorry but I have to do this.’

‘Do what?’ replied the Hermit, sounding strangely calm, but then he had been raised to fight with a sword since the age of ten.

And the sword swung out, knocking the knife out of Iedazimus’ hand.  Iedazimus, stunned, watched it fly through the air.  He looked back at the old man, wishing to start the confrontation again and get it right this time; else be elsewhere.  He was speechless for now the old man was holding the tip of the sword at his throat.  This was not how it was supposed to be.


“Into the Maze” is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon UK.

It’s also available from Amazon US.


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