Spotlight: Fit to F**k by Ben Shaw

Escape to the hilarious, wild and “whacky”, hardcore world of Big Ben Shaw OVBE*, his hot, horny, oh so cool shag buddy Madeline Cowleigh and his crazy friends, the crude, lewd and very rude co-members of the IPHC*.

loin Jabba Thompson, Little Lennie, Ferret, Deppo, Tripod, Commander Curt, Brigadier Hardcastle, G-Spot. Chief Shagger, Bell End Boy, Stuporman and Top Gun. Meet their guide and mentor, the charismatic, enigmatic, iconoclastic, politically incorrect, risk embracing old rebel, fitness supremo, challenging philosopher – the shadowy, solitary Guru of Greyton.

Sex obsessed, these guys are all mad or bad or both. Learn their salacious, frequently scandalous, occasionally shameful, often shocking, sometimes perhaps even sordid sexual secrets as they put it about, “end away”, endlessly. They’ll do anything to get laid.

Meet their guide and mentor, discover his unique approach to Superior Fitness, Vibrant Health, Mind Power, Motivation, Communication, Attraction and Persuasion. Change your life for the better, for ever!

Though heavily disguised here, each one of them is living amongst us now. Their stories, insanely unbelievable as many are, have actually happened.

These tales are true…



Excerpt from the Book:

“This book is written by an unusual man, Ben Shaw – sportsman, ex-marine, banker, lothario and male escort. His nickname, “Big Ben”, tells us something about his greatest asset. His title, OVBE (Order of the Very Best Erection) gives us an insight into his success with women. He is a crazy man.

Madeline Cowleigh is an integral part of his life. She’s his shag buddy, friend, the instigator of his development as a paid provider of sexual pleasures. Madeline is the driving force behind his sex business interests, Secretary to Ben Shaw Enterprises Ltd. Best Sex Ever. BSE. “Mad Cow Disease”. Madeline Cowleigh. Get it? Yes. Good.

Madeline is the Honorary Secretary of that politically incorrect, otherwise entirely male organisation, the IPHC (International Pussy Hunters Club).

She has personally carried out the entire computerised correlation of this book for which we can all be really thankful.

The IPHC was founded by Ben and is made up of the BFs (Ben’s Friends). These are a disparate group of guys who met Ben while training at the Àtness centre run by their guide and mentor – the Guru of Greyton.

Their common interest, a driving obsession, is sex which led Ben to form the IPHC.”





“Fit to F**K” is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon UK. It is also available from Amazon US.





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