Spotlight: Featuring Author Ian Antony

Ian writes highly anachronistic books about the age of Victorian space exploration. They’re not entirely serious, often make little scientific sense, but they do keep his readers turning the page and occasionally strike an emotional chord or two.

His Influences span a wide range of nerdicana: Sharpe, Hornblower, The Fighting Fantasy novels, Dune, Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics, Dumas, Cervantes, Robert Merle’s Fortunes of Frances series, Warhammer (40k and WFB), the Arnold Schwarzenneger films of the 80s and 90s, Alien(s), Studio Ghibli, Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, David Mitchell and Elmore Leonard.

If you like the sound of that then give his first book, A Curiosity of The Solar System, a go. Its follow up, One of Life’s Great Mysteries, has just been released.




Released in March 2017:

Set in 1851, A Curiosity of the Solar System follows the adventures of Captain Ivor Hooke, an affable but rather undistinguished officer in the British army who has been sent on a mission of diplomacy to one of the farthest flung corners of the British Empire.

Ivor is soon hurled in to a world of rebellious intrigue that sees him plotting his escape from a city suspended above the clouds while being pursued by the ruthlessly piratical Jebediah Craven. Throughout the course of his journey Ivor will encounter a curious collection of characters, contraptions and conspiracies while also embarking upon his own peculiar voyage of self-discovery.

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Released in May 2018:

After narrowly surviving the battle in the skies above Newearth, Major Ivor Hooke reluctantly returns to London for a court martial hearing with the Duke of Wellington. Intent on putting his adventures among the stars behind him, a chance encounter sees quite the opposite happening.

From the filth-strewn slums of Victorian London to the great plains of colonial Mercury, Ivor will encounter new foes, old allies and one or two people who could be classed as either as he slowly unravels one of the greatest conspiracies the Solar System has ever known.

One of Life’s Great Mysteries is the second book in The Newearth Trilogy, and a follow up to 2017’s A Curiosity of The Solar System.

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