Spotlight: Eternity’s Echoes by Evan Hirson

Title: Eternity’s Echoes – Shade Master: Part 1
Genre: Science Fiction/ Time Travel
Date published: March 3, 2018
Authors name: Evan Hirson
Page count: 149 pages
Aaron, Kim, Jay, and Mara, were four young friends. But Travis had trouble written all over him from the moment Jay invited him to stay.
Although easily the most attractive male in the house, Jay wasn’t known for his dazzling intellect. Aaron on the other hand being a typical nerd, was the most intelligent of them.
Then there was Kim. A pretty but insecure young woman, she’d often break into a stutter. Mara was the knockout and aspiring model of their little band. Of African American descent and outstanding beauty, she was very physical.
One day like any other, they came into the possession of a strange device. At first offering to fulfill all of their dreams, an exciting new world opened before them.
But are they cursed to discover a disturbing truth?
That while traveling through time is easy—surviving the experience is something else.
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Mara stood with arms crossed. She knew Aaron would probably tell her to let it go, but that wasn’t her way. “Travis,” she said accusingly, “Did you really have to do that?”
“I was just messing with the guy,” he replied. “He smelled something awful. Besides, he shouldn’t have looked at me that way.”
“We’re time traveling ambassadors,” she replied with an air of importance. “He appeared to be a member of the aristocracy. They look at everyone that way.”
“Not me,” he argued. “If he didn’t want trouble, he shouldn’t have started a rumble. It didn’t matter anyway. I knew our time was almost up.”
Travis was quick to change the subject. “Could somebody please explain why we landed in the middle of a gay pride parade,” he complained.
“You’re not a homophobe?” she asked accusingly.
“I don’t care about their personal preferences,” he said defensively. “But all those bloody horses kept getting in the way. One of them stepped on my foot. And what was it with all the guns and swords? Were they really so persecuted back then? Did they need more weapons than everyone else?”
Aaron stood watching them argue from the doorway, and couldn’t believe what he’d overheard. Was Travis really serious, or just egging her on?
“It was a parade of the king’s guard—Louis XIV,” he said disbelievingly. “They were musketeers.”



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