Spotlight: Cross Cutting The Trilogy by Wendy Hammer

Release date: August 15, 2017

The Thin: Strange vans roam the streets of Indianapolis as people go missing or turn up dead. Trinidad O’Laughin is a guardian looking for a territory to bond with and protect. Indiana’s distress call may give her that chance—if she can survive to take it.

The Hollow: Ache Vetrov is a clairvoyant caretaker of secrets and lost things. When a mysterious wave of violence threatens the city of Lafayette, Ache and Trinidad find themselves up against creatures with concave faces devoid of feeling or mercy who threaten to erase everything if Ache, Trinidad and their friends fail to thwart this monstrous invasion.

The Marrow: Trinidad has people to love and a city to watch over. Lafayette has become a true home. But her newfound peace is shattered when another cut opens in her territory and unleashes the malevolent force behind the previous invasions. This time, the whole world may fall before its hunger if Trinidad and her friends can’t find some way to defeat it.

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About the Author

Wendy Hammer grew up in Wisconsin and lives in Indiana. She has degrees in English from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ball State University. Her research focus was in gender/identity studies and bodies. Her dissertation was about the intersections of twentieth century infectious disease narratives and imperialist discourse, with a particular focus on Africa. The diss was abandoned, but her interest remains.  She currently teaches introductory literature and composition at a community college.

She writes speculative fiction (fantasy, horror and science fiction) and is an affiliate member of HWA. She has done some freelance writing for an RPG.

Her short stories can be found in Urban Fantasy Magazine, EGM Shorts, Suspended in Dusk, The Shapeshifter Chronicles, and elsewhere. The first two novellas in the Cross Cutting trilogy (The Thin and The Hollow) have been published by Apocalypse Ink Productions.

She reads everything. She indulges in K-drama, horror, and cooking competition show marathons (especially the Great British Baking Show). She likes geeky cross stitch projects, classic punk music, and salted licorice. And finally, she considers both Cobra Commander and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl to be kindred spirits.



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