Spotlight: An American Soldier & a Yorkshire Lass by Mary Barnes



“An American Soldier & A Yorkshire Lass” by Mary Barnes

 A war-time love story involving loss and a family torn apart


 About the Book

A young teenage girl from a Yorkshire seaside town has to leave behind her much loved sister to escape her dominant mother, to be with her American soldier love and a new life in the States. When he is sent to Vietnam she manages to go there to be with him. On a mission to Afghanistan he goes missing in action, she has to move on with her life but events later on will cause more heartbreak.




“I looked at him ‘You drive me crazy, things could have got out of hand then’ ‘Well Mum is always accusing me of doing ‘it’ with you so why don’t we’ I have never wanted something so much to be with you but not this way, I want it to be right, when we get married, you deserve me to do the right and proper thing and that’s what I’m going to do’.

I love him more for that, I knew he was right, after all I was under age, Mum would not hesitate to have him arrested that would be the end of us, his army career, he would be sent back to America and I would never see him again.”



Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars  International and emotional story of love found & love lost

By worldly traveller on 20 July 2016


A Yorkshire lass leaves her beloved sister, dominant mother and native country behind to travel to the United States to start a new life with an American soldier who she has fallen in love with. When he is commissioned to SouthEast Asia in Vietnam, she finds a way to travel there to be with him. Sadly, he goes missing on a mission to Afghanistan, and she has to reconstruct her life, but there is more sadness that awaits her.



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