Spotlight: A Sudden Terror by Cristina Isabel

Book Title: A Sudden Terror (Volume One)
Author: Cristina Isabel
Book Type: Horror Novelette
ISBN-13: 978-151228994
Word Count: 11,679
Page Count: 74 Pages
Publishing Date: October 2016

Book Synopsis (3 stories)

No Eyes: A government project goes wrong when the surgeon hired to do a specific job takes it to the next level, taking the eyes of anyone who doesn’t see things his way.
Highly Alarming: A rave party turns out to have the worst party favors ever – slugs!
Panicked Heartbeats: Doctors try to play God with an old man after injecting him with a serum that makes him believe he is a cold-hearted killer of children.


Author Bio

Cristina Isabel was born in Miami, Florida and is very proud of her Hispanic heritage. She enjoys expressing herself through the written word, and from the age of 11, has been passionate about writing. Her favorite genres are horror and dark fantasy, however, she also likes science fiction, young adult and poetry. Cristina is currently working on her first fiction short story collection, while pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at Broward College. She is also a beta reader, book reviewer and a member of the Florida Writer’s Association and Horror Writer’s Association. Cristina’s other interests are attending writing conferences, going to the movies and playing Sudoku.


Goodreads Book Link: Break the Chains, Be Freed Within
Goodreads Book Link: A Sudden Terror (Volume One)

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