Spotlight: A Little Girl You Might Know by R.W. Taylor


“A Little Girl You Might Know” by R. W. Taylor is published

 A brand-new collection of 60 stories and rhymes



About the Book

Sadie lives with her little mummy and her little puppy Winnie, she has a little granny and lives next door to a little old lady who knows everything worth knowing.

In 60 new stories and rhymes, you’ll join Sadie in a year of little adventures with friends such as Betsy Cross, who is often so loud you’ve probably already heard her!

Sadie starts the school year believing that there won’t be much fun in growing-up, but how will she feel by the end of the book?

Although unique, Sadie may remind you of a little girl that you might know…


About the Author

 This is the third collection of children’s short stories and rhyming stories by the author R. W. Taylor, who lives in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.  He previously published a collection of children’s stories entitled The Curiosity of Sadie in 2011 and Slap Dab in 2013, both of which have been very well-received by all those who have read them.






“Sadie liked the autumn,

Some may call it fall,

She also loved Halloween,

With pumpkins, treats and all.

A pumpkin can be spooky,

A little scary too,

Pumpkins here for Halloween,

Watch out as they go “Boo!”

But pumpkins aren’t just carved to scare,

To make a Jack ‘o’ Light,

Pumpkins are good for other things,

Not just to cause a fright.

Pumpkins can be tasty,

A veggie for your lunch,

You can even toast the pumpkin seeds,

So crispy they go CRUNCH!

So when you see a pumpkin,

Don’t be scared and run a mile.

Because it’s rare you’ll ever find one,

That hasn’t got a smile!”


“A Little Girl You Might Know” is available from Amazon UK in paperback or e-book and from Amazon US