Spotlight: A Life of Snakes and Ladders by P. Lanquai

The writer’s thoughts, feelings, comments, letters, dreams and stories have been recorded over a period of more than twenty years. Through these revelations, one can follow a coarse thread, which has, at times, been broken and tied together again.  Written in diary format, he touches on sex, religion, astronomy, astrology, birth and death, as well as a whole range of emotions; from anger and hate…to love.  Never intending this collection to be read by others, it comes across very intimately, and with a fair amount of humour. This certainly shows how the dice have fallen in his life of Snakes and Ladders.


About the Author:

 After being born, without being asked, in Braintree, Essex a long time ago (60 years nearly), the author was reluctantly educated in Southeast London then later, more happily, in Kent.

He has spent most of his life with his nose to the grindstone trying to make ends meet and would describe himself as an ‘oily rag’.

He has been married 3 times and has 3 beautiful children and delightful grandchildren.

His mercenary work-style has taken him to foreign lands near and far, and he has settled in Denmark with his latest wife and their dog ‘Whoopsie’.



“A Life of Snakes and Ladders” by P. Lanquai is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK and from Amazon US.


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