Spotlight: A Dark Matter by Joe Theo

It’s sex, drugs & rock n roll

It’s very raunchy

It’s very funny

It’s very dark

It does exactly what it says on the tin

Every chapter a different drama

A real page turner

A book you always wanted to read



“Do you like my sausage vunder va ya!” she laughs & motions him to come in but Taz waves goodbye & carries on walking. He looks at the next window but there’s only a chair there, looking forlorn. He keeps walking & comes across a third shop front, also showing an empty chair. Then, saying to himself,” are they all out to lunch or porking away, that’s the question!” he chuckles to himself with that. He carries on walking to the next window: this time he’s hit the jackpot. Sitting on a back to front black chair, Christine Keeler style, smoking a black cheroot, legs wide open & wearing her trademark black lingerie & Stockings & high heels stilettos is the woman he knows as Blondie. He puts his head up against the window & smiles: she motioned him towards the front door. Taz opens the door & walks in, closing it behind him & then proceeds to stand in front of her slightly blocking her view of the street beyond. She blows smoke into his face & says abruptly,

“What do you want?”

“Do you have any more of those pink & white tablets, I forget what they are called?” says Taz, staring into her eyes & as he’s coughing from the smoke.

“I’ll have some in three days. Now go away, I’m busy. Unless you some business, in which case that will cost you one hundred Euros for half an hour,” she purrs. “And I take sterling too.”



“A Dark Matter” by Joe Theo is currently available from Amazon UK in hardback, paperback, or e-book.

It is also available from Amazon US.



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