Spotlight: 180 Days by David C. Garland

James Oswald Neville has a winning lottery ticket for the jackpot of £9.7m) and sets off for home to tell his wife and family the unbelievable news. On the way he is mugged, seriously injured and his wallet is stolen. They discard his “emptied” wallet by throwing it from London’s Tower Bridge where it lands on a trawler passing under the bridge bound for Holland. Neville comes out of his coma three months later, but not before his two sons have realised the unclaimed lottery ticket contains their father’s favourite numbers; numbers. Thomas Neville, in his capacity as a Wimbledon tennis reporter, hunts down the lost ticket.

Will he find it in time before the 180 days in which the Lotto ticket can be claimed? The race is on.


About the Author

David C. Garland has worked for and with Jim Henson, Ted Turner and Don King, so diverse has been his career.  After 28 years with United Press International where he started as a newsroom runner, merged into journalism and ended as Director of Sales for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, he joined CNN International and stayed ten years where he eventually became Vice-President Business Development. He then joined Don King Productions in Florida where he was Director of International Sales for six memorable years. In between UPI and CNN, David spent two years with Jim Henson Enterprises.
On retirement, David decided to concentrate on his writing and has since published 15 DAYS, TERRA NOVA, CALAMITY NATALIE, OFF TO FLORIDA, A DOG’S LIFE and DON KING CAME CALLING, all of which are currently available in paperback and for downloading to Kindle via Amazon.

David’s life, which began in poverty, has been enriched by his family, his friends and by those with whom he has worked over the years.


“180 DAYS” by David C. Garland is currently available from Amazon UK in paperback and e-book.

It’s also available from Amazon US.



Press/Media Contact Details:

 Darin Jewell (David C. Garland’s literary agent)
The Inspira Group Literary Agency
Tel. 0208 292 5163

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