Book One of The Broken Well Trilogy by Sam Bowring is now Free



In Prophecy’s Ruin, a child is prophesied to be born who will end the age-old war between the forces of shadow and light.


We’ve all heard this synopsis a hundred times before. In fact, as the author of the book, Sam Bowring, says, ‘I HATE prophecy as a plot device. This idea that things are inevitable lies in stark opposition to the notion of free will, something I think we all prefer to believe in. And when hearing a prophecy leads you to you create the circumstances you are actively trying to avoid? I mean, come on. How many more times do we need to see that crap play out?’

So why is this book called Prophecy’s Ruin then, you weirdo?

‘The clue is right there in the title,’ says Sam. ‘What happens when a prophecy gets totally ruined? The whole basis for the story involves taking cliches of fantasy and twisting them in surprising new ways. I imagine most readers will immediately assume, for example, that light is good and shadow is evil, which is something they have brought to the table themselves as a learnt expectation – but spoilers, who knows? And how about the hero and his squeeze don’t get arbitrarily torn apart purely for the purposes of imposing extra drama, and instead get to face their adversaries together as a loving couple? What about goblins who are smart and practical, or a dragon who suffers from mental health issues? What about those, I ask?!’

Don’t let the stupid tone of this press release fool you (it is merely designed to grab your probably-wafer-thin attention) – this is a Proper Book which, when released by Hachette Australia some while back, was heaped with critical acclaim and commercial success.

Here be links to Prophecy’s Ruin at various places:

‘the stuff of fantasy writers’ fantasies. An epic, enthralling, towering triumph.’

– AurealisXpress


‘may just be the start of the next big thing in Australian Fantasy.’

– Weekend Australian


If you are sick of cliche heroes and villains then this is the one to read.’
– Australian Bookseller + Publisher


Despite many such rave reviews, a vast percentage of the Earth’s population has never even heard of the Broken Well trilogy! CAN YOU IMAGINE?

‘The books came out on an annoying cusp of book evolution,’ says Sam. ‘It was right before ebooks were automatically released at the same time as their physical counterparts. Prophecy’s Ruin received no fanfare when it came online, and thus it remains a largely undiscovered timeless masterpiece. For reading purposes, of course, it may as well have come out yesterday – as a fantasy, it’s not like the story has dated. Goblins are forever! And no, modesty is not one of my weaknesses, haha.’

Sam is delighted that Hachette has just made the first book completely free at all major ebook retailers until 20th May 2016.

‘My greatest fear,’ says Sam, ‘is that my books won’t get read even after I’m dead. Thus I demand or ask very politely (whatever works best) that the reading public give this humble, above average writer a chance. I mean, what have they got to lose, except respect for me?’


some of the finest writing of action I’ve ever read …

one of the coolest fantasy series to come along in an age.’
– AurealisXpress

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