Spotlight: And Not to Count the Cost by Gillian Thornhill

This is a novel about aspects of the human condition in which the characters are fictitious, but much of the story is based on real events, and doubtless these problems are replicated all over the world to silent sufferers. When hope and joyful aspirations turn to failure and heartbreak, how can we cope best with the deal we’ve been handed, without resorting to bitterness?



 “Holiday time proved even more difficult to control. Isabel insisted that homework and GCSE revision should be completed, but that still left plenty of time for Laura to disappear with her friends. Isabel worried because she had no reason to trust her daughter who lied to obtain what she wanted, and when she was found out. Parenting proved to be very tough indeed.

On several occasions, Laura would slip out of the front or back door to an unspecified address, and Isabel would spend the evenings driving or walking round the estate looking for her, not knowing whether to call the police. Sometimes she was out all night, and Isabel was almost beside herself with worry. She realised, too late, that buying a house on an estate had been a mistake. Church attendance was no longer of any interest to Laura, whether her St Faith’s friends were there or not.

One day in the holidays when Laura was out of the house, and Isabel was attempting to retrieve some of Laura’s underwear for the washing machine, she spotted an unmistakeable packet of birth control pills. She was only fifteen. What was the GP thinking of? Isabel challenged him about it, and was told that when teenagers asked for the pill, it was prescribed without their parents’ permission.

“She will not have an unwanted pregnancy,” he added.

Of course, Laura had cleverly tried to dupe Isabel once again, and when the truth was out, she became violent and abusive, accusing Isabel of invading her privacy. The fact that she was only fifteen was of no consequence to her. On one occasion, when Isabel locked both the doors to prevent Laura from disappearing into the night, another row ensued with damage to furniture, following physical and verbal abuse.”


About the Author:

Gillian Thornhill is the author of various books including “Elisaveta: A Life” (2015) and “Escape to Manchuria!” (2016), both of which were published by New Generation Publishing.



“And Not to Count the Cost” by Gillian Thornhill is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK and from Amazon US.



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