Recent Release: Satan’s Grip by Paul Sherman

coverTITLE: Satan’s Grip: A Novella

Author: Paul Sherman

Publisher: Dreaming Big Publications

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristi King-Morgan, LMSW


Genre:  Fiction, occult, supernatural


Page Count: 116

Formats and Prices:  Paperback, $8.00. Ebook, $2.99

About the Book:   Esther’s eighth birthday. The day that her mother, Charlotte, had been fearing. As a teenager, Charlotte had gotten involved in a satanic cult and had made a promise to Satan that he could have her firstborn child. At the time, she really didn’t believe any of this was true. It was just a silly thing she did to fit in. But now… Can Charlotte save Esther from Satan’s grip? Or is she destined to fulfill that long-ago promise?

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