Recent Release: Dreaming Big by Aimee E. E. Jewell

A charming book which encourages children to follow their dreams

 About the Book

This is a charming collection of short stories encouraging children to think big and encouraging them to dare to follow their dreams.

Stories in this series include a mouse who wanted to fly, the secret door that wanted to be opened, the cactus which wanted to be hugged, the mushroom that wanted to be big, the wagtail that just wanted to fly, and the book that wanted to be read.


About the Author


Aimee E. E. Jewell is nine years old and currently lives in London, England. She publishes her books with her Dad, who is a professional literary agent.

Aimee has published four books so far entitled “The Lovely Rose”, “I Like Being Me”, “The Frog and the Dog” and “Dreaming Big”.

Aimee’s favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson and J K Rowling. She was especially inspired to write books for children by Julia Donaldson, author of “The Gruffalo”, whom she met at a talk at the British Library.



 “The cactus was surprised that anyone would want to talk to him because he had needles all over his body, so nobody ever wanted to touch or talk to him.  He said timidly, “My name is Mr. Crumble Fumble, and I am lonely as I feel left out, deserted, in this lovely world.  I’ve longed my whole life to be hugged, embraced and accepted by others, but nobody comes near me because I’m so prickly.”

Rebecca felt heartbroken for the cactus, and said, “What would you like more than anything else in the world?” 

“I just want to be hugged by someone soft and cuddly.”


“Dreaming Big” by Aimee E. E. Jewell is currently available in paperback at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The e-book version can be downloaded from Amazon US or Amazon UK.



Press/Media Contact Details:

 Darin Jewell, Managing Director
The Inspira Group Literary Agency
London, England
Tel. +44 208 292 5163



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