New Release: The Fantastic Adventures of Jammy Jimmy by Ian Joseph

Jimmy Spark is the boy next door, bright, sparkling and mad on football. After his father is killed in a hit-and-run accident, his mission is vigilance – to keep an eye on High Woodley and its residents. But whenever he comes across trouble, as he frequently does, matters quickly escalate out of control, presenting impossible odds.

Jimmy and his friends capture dangerous bank robbers, deranged fraudsters, gangsters, murderers and bombers, sink a Russian submarine, defend Downing Street against a rocket attack and eventually overturn global capitalism to establish a New World Order!

He teams up with the dazzling Dizzy, a technical whizz, and their inventions create enormous wealth, which they spend on building a stadium and athletics track called Revolution! Here Jimmy captains his football team before a host of world-famous personalities.

Death defying… Impossible… Riotous… Hilarious… and ultimately thought-provoking!


Amazon review:

Wordly Traveller

5.0 out of 5 stars

Jimmy’s life is full of adventures & many amazing events – a really enjoyable tale

23 December 2018

Young Jimmy gets into all sorts of perilous predicaments and precarious situations as he takes on thieves, terrorists and worst of all, capitalists!

When he joins forces with Dizzy, who is brilliant, they create many good things together including a sports centre and Jimmy, who loves his football, brings together various celebrities on his star-studded team.

Unpredictable and very entertaining! There’s never a dull moment in Jimmy’s eventful life.



The Fantastic Adventures of Jammy Jimmy by Ian Joseph is available in paperback from Amazon UK and from Amazon US.





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  1. A great read for all ages – Ian Joseph does for young boys what Jonas Jonasson did for 100 year old gentlemen! Fast-paced, funny and with a full-on political message. My favourite character is the Russian fighter pilot, Sergei who turns out to be an Anglophile but the real hero is a young, spiky-haired skateboarder who ends up best friends with all the best people whilst conquering all the baddies. A recommended read.

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