New Release: The Conjurers by David Waid

Release Date June 1.The Conjurers Cover EBOOK

The Conjurers

The knowledge of magic that returned with crusaders from the Holy Land has spread among the learned few. The world stands poised on a knife’s edge between two futures—science or sorcery—and a cabal of ruthless wizards pursues three young people who can tip the balance forever.

A war for magic in the Middle Ages.

Orphaned in the year 1380, Eamon and Caitlin flee their home in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. The siblings can pacify savage wolves and control forces of nature, but only the murderers hunting them know why.

As Eamon and Caitlin fight for survival, Teresa de Borjas, the spirited daughter of a Genovese nobleman, develops an inexplicable ability to move objects with her mind. When her brother is murdered and her father imprisoned through machinations of the reclusive alchemist, Maestro Lodovicetti, her sheltered life changes forever.

Journeys of discovery and the pursuit of blood vendetta bring Eamon, Caitlin and Teresa together across the stunning backdrop of medieval Europe. The three must master their powers and defeat a cabal of the world’s greatest magi or be killed as the Age of Kings comes to an end and a tyranny of sorcerers begins.

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“There’s a fine lady here,” Branagh said. “She wants a room an’ she looks like a queen!”

“How many altogether?”

“None but her, Mum.”

“What’s that? A lady traveling alone, ye say?”

“Aye, she’s alone. She’s a great beauty and she has the biggest black horse ye’ve ever seen.” She held up the silver coin. “And look what she gave me.”

Her mother and father exchanged a glance.

“I’ll not have that one staying in my inn,” said her Da.

“Wipe the snow off your legs and close the door, Derry O’Keefe, or I’ll let you know what I think of ‘yer inn.’ And take that fool hat from yer head.” She crossed the room, took the coin from her daughter’s hand and stood beside her to look out the front door.

Her father still stood in the snow, mumbling. “I never take my hat off but to them I respects.” He leaned the axe against the building, stomped his feet and brushed snow from his legs with quick swats of his big hands.

Branagh, bewildered, watched her parents. “She said her name was Sairshee.”

“It’s her alright, Devil take her,” said Mother. “An’ she’s coming this way. Lord, between us and harm. Take off that hat, ye great mutton.”

“There’s them as say she’s mistress and whore to the Leinster King.”

“They say worse than that, an’ well ye know it. Whether she cavorts with thieves, kings or the Devil hisself, it’s no business for an innkeeper.”

“Ye don’t believe it or ye wouldn’t let her in.”

“I believe every word and I’m goin’ to let her in, Master O’Keefe. The hare doesn’t bait the wolf to its burrow.” She lowered her voice and pointed a finger at her husband. “Now here she comes, take the hat from yer head and close the door.”

“I’ll do what’s right in me own home, woman,” he said, but even so, he stepped in and removed his hat.

Branagh’s mother took an involuntary step back as a shadow fell across the lintel. Sairshee stood in the doorway surveying the room, her black hair hanging unbraided to her waist. For a moment, the only sound was the clucking of hens, then the cock turned his red-rimmed eye on the doorway. At sight of the lady, the beast stretched his long neck to the ceiling and crowed like a herald, the sound doubly loud in the little common room.


About the Author

david-waid-headshotDAVID WAID is the author of the historical fantasy novel, The Conjurers, which releases through Amazon on June 1st. He has also published the fantasy short stories, Wicked and Loving Lies and The Festival of Rogues. David lives in Arizona with his wife of 22 years, three kids, and a craven, food-obsessed puggle whose name means “Battle Lord” in Gaelic.



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