2016-05-21_14-17-21I began reviewing books shortly after I started my first blog, Bound 4 Escape, in 2013. I have reviewed books for countless indie authors and have noticed that many have spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. There have been some books that I would give a 5 star rating if it weren’t for the errors. I admire anyone who has the creativity and self discipline to write a novel; however, I know that many authors need another pair of eyes to check for mistakes.

After talking to some authors, I realized that the cost of having a book proofread can be overwhelming, especially on top of the other expenses they incur when publishing a book. Because of that, because I tend to be obsessive about spelling and grammar errors, and because I want to do all I can to help all of the amazing authors out there, I decided to offer proofreading services for the least amount I could. I have done editing/proofreading for a few authors for free in the past, but because of demand and time constraints, I have to chargesomething.


My Services:

I’m offering proofreading services, which includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of verb tenses. I’d be happy to discuss any other needs you feel you may have. If I come across something that doesn’t fall under the services listed above, I’m not going to ignore it. My main objective is to help.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


My fees:

$100 up to 100,000 words and $.002/word over 100,000.


  • your book is 125,000 words, the cost would be $100 + (25,000 x $.002) = $150.00
  • your book is 50,000 words, the cost would be $100

I will do a sample chapter for free (up to 2,500 words).



What Other Authors are Saying:

You’re still the top of my list for editing services … Since I’ve known you, you’ve been quite professional and you catch mistakes everyone else misses. –Wade Le Fevre, author of several suspense & horror novels

Dawn Heslin was a beta reader for my latest middle grade work. I found Dawn to be professional, helpful and efficient. She had a good eye for the errors that I had missed and highlighted areas that needed reviewing. I would happily use Dawn’s beta reading service again.  — A.J. York, author of the Delilah Dusticle Adventures