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Parisa by Conrad TrumpPublisher:  High Peaks Publishing (September 7, 2015)
Category: Contemporary Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Tour dates: Mar/Apr, 2018
ISBN: 978-0976159766
Available in Print and ebook,292 pages

When world class snowboarding sensation, Scott Locke, returns to his home in West Virginia to be honored by the ski resort where he worked as a teenager, a freak accident costs him the opportunity to compete in the upcoming X-Games.  Broken and distraught, the competition soon becomes a secondary consideration when Scott unwittingly releases a force that has been locked away for centuries, a force so powerful and dark that it threatens all mankind.

Parisa is an ancient spirit; exotic, beautiful, and mysterious, yet out of place in today’s world.  Scott must find a way to help her acclimate and nurture respect, love, and tolerance for humanity.   The plan begins to backfire as Scott develops feelings for Parisa, and he is drawn into her world of magic and power.  In the face of great temptations, Scott must make the ultimate choice.  He must decide to sacrifice his love for the sake of all mankind or give in to his passion and enjoy the riches and rewards of unlimited power.


Praise Parisa by Conrad Trump

“Parisa held my interest and was hard to put down. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for Conrad to write another story. I believe Parisa would make a good movie!”- Debbie Moore, Reviewer

“I read Conrad’s book in less than three days. Not only is it a good story, but anyone from West Virginia will love the way Conrad blended our home state into the story about a West Virginia native who becomes a world class snow boarder. This gave us native mountaineers a great deal to be proud of not only with the West Virginia setting, but knowing our native son has developed into a great writer.
I look forward to reading more stories written by Conrad in the future. I loved the book.”-KC Bohrer, Reviewer

“What an excellent book! This book keeps you hanging until you get to the next page. An excellent read by an excellent author! I am looking forward to reading future books by this author! Excellent word choice provides vivid pictures throughout the story. Excellent story line.”- Meredith L. Zirkleml, Reviewer


About the Author

Parisa by Conrad TrumpConrad Trump was raised in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, where he still resides.  He received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in Special Education from Old Dominion University.

Conrad has worked with youth, guiding troubled teens for the past quarter of a century at a residential school outside of Winchester, Virginia.

Prior to the publication of Parisa, Conrad had dozens of shorter pieces of fiction published in magazines and anthologies.  In addition to writing, he is an award winning and published artist with his paintings featured in national juried exhibitions.  Conrad is also an accomplished and published photographer.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and an avid supporter of all things West Virginia.  He and his wife, Kim, have been married for twenty-five years.  Together they have two children, Hilary and Shaun.


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“I should put some clothes on,” Scott said.

“Shall I dress you?” Parisa asked, moving closer. Scott couldn’t back up—he was still standing just in front of the seat cushion. There was no place for him to go.

Scott laughed out loud. He couldn’t help it. Whoever she was, she was playing the part beautifully. He looked about the room, searching for a hidden camera. Of course he was being recorded. Why hadn’t he thought of that before? Absolutely, he was being punked. This was going to end up on TV, or at the very least on YouTube. Try as he might, though, he couldn’t see a camera, but that didn’t really mean anything. Cameras were so small now that one could be hidden anywhere. He could have been looking right into a microlens without realizing it. He decided to play along, but he wasn’t really sure how he should act. He had to be careful to avoid damaging his image in case the practical joke went viral.

“No, thanks,” Scott said, trying again to slide to one side. “I’ve got this. Been dressing myself now for almost six months.”

Parisa followed him. She took one hand away from her face and reached it out to his chest. She touched his skin lightly, rubbing her fingertips across his collarbone. She touched a well-faded scar from Scott’s two previous shoulder surgeries, and then she ran her hand down his arm to his current wrist fracture. “My master is a great warrior. You have many battle scars!” She told him.

“I’m a bit banged up, that’s true,” Scott answered, still trying to put distance between them, mostly for the unseen camera’s sake. He had to admit there was temptation in the touch of her fingers as they traced along his old incision, but there was Jena to think about—not to mention the fact that he couldn’t really gauge the stranger’s age. She looked as if she might have been only seventeen or eighteen.

“Shall I heal them for you, Master?”

“Heal them?”

“Yes, Master, as you wish. I shall heal you.”

Scott’s ears buzzed. No, that’s not right. The buzzing came from the inside, like the beating wings and the base drums back in the lobby of the Alleghany Springs Lodge. The sound was intense and so loud that Scott didn’t notice the pain in his wrist and ankle right away, but when he did, it became such a searing-hot pain that it forced him to his knees. Parisa followed him to the floor, ever conscious of the change in his height.

“Jesus Christ!” Scott yelled. “What the hell are you doing?” Then there were no more words—only an anguished, guttural cry as Scott lost himself in the pain. He didn’t pass out. He kept his consciousness, but barely. Scott clenched his right hand. He couldn’t help it. The pain in his wrist was so fierce that his fingers curled into a fist without his consent. The plaster cast crumbled, disintegrating under the power of his closing fist.

There was sweetness on the air as Scott’s pain began to ebb. It was like a combination of a Glade Air Freshener and the sparks from a Lionel Train. It was the smell of energy and spring. Scott had no idea of how long he lay on the floor with Parisa’s light touch caressing his naked shoulder and chest. He was sweating and gasping for air, and his back was propped up against the front of the seat cushion. He pushed off the floor, trying to scoot away from her touch, but he didn’t have the strength. It never even occurred to him that he was pushing with both hands equally.

“That hurt so much. Why?” was all he could say.

She was close enough that he could have touched her nose with his tongue had he chosen to. And even in this proximity, she was beautiful. She was without flaw.

“To heal you,” Parisa answered, panting.

Though she was still breathtakingly beautiful, there was then weariness about her face. Her eyelids drooped, and her shoulders slumped. “I must rest now,” Parisa said. “If my master will please grant me leave?”

Scott couldn’t answer. He too was done and was still catching his breath from the ordeal. He didn’t want to argue and tell her he was not her master—he just wanted her gone. To that end, he nodded his head.

And that was when things got really weird.




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Parisa by Conrad Trump


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