Blog Tour & Giveaway: Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by C.A. Verstraete

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter
by C.A.Verstraete
Genre: Horror
Every family has its secrets…
One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and
murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for
the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what
if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them
because they’d become zombies?


Thrust into a horrific world where the walking dead are part of a shocking
conspiracy to infect not only Fall River, Massachusetts, but also the
world beyond, Lizzie battles to protect her sister, Emma, and her
hometown from nightmarish ghouls and the evil forces controlling them.


Chapter One

Q. You saw his face covered with blood?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Did you see his eyeball hanging out?
A. No, sir.
Q. Did you see the gashes where his face was laid open?
A. No, sir.

—Lizzie Borden at inquest, August 9-11, 1892

August 4, 1892

Lizzie Borden drained the rest of her tea, set down her cup, and listened to the sound of furniture moving upstairs. My, my, for only ten o’clock in the morning my stepmother is certainly energetic. Housecleaning, already?


For a moment, Lizzie forgot her plans to go shopping downtown. THUMP. There it went again. It sounded like her stepmother was rearranging the whole room. She paused at the bottom stair, her concern growing, when she heard another thump and then, the oddest of sounds—a moan. Uh-oh. What was that? Did she hurt herself?

“Mrs. Borden?” Lizzie called. “Are you all right?”

No answer.

She wondered if her stepmother had taken ill, yet the shuffling, moving, and other unusual noises continued. Lizzie hurried up the stairs and paused outside the partially opened door. The strange moans coming from the room sent a shiver up her back.

When she pushed the door open wider, all she could do was stare. Mrs. Abby Durfee Borden stood in front of the bureau mirror clawing at her reflected image. And what a horrid image it was! The sixty-seven-year-old woman’s hair looked like it had never been combed and stuck out like porcupine quills. Her usually spotless housedress appeared wrinkled and torn. Yet, that wasn’t the worst. Dark red spots—blood, Lizzie’s mind whispered—dotted the floor and streaked the sides, of the older woman’s dress and sleeves.

Lizzie gazed about the room in alarm. The tips of Father’s slippers peeking out from beneath the bed also glistened with the same viscous red liquid. All that blood! What happened here? What happened?

She gasped, which got the attention of Mrs. Borden, who jerked her head and growled. Lizzie choked back a cry of alarm. Abby’s square, plain face now appeared twisted and ashen gray. Her eyes, once bright with interest, stared from under a milky covering as if she had cataracts. She resembled a female version of The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Another growl and a moan, and the older woman lunged, arms rigid, her stubby hands held out like claws.

“Mrs. Borden, Abby!” Lizzie yelled and stumbled backward as fast as she could. “Abby, do you hear me?”

Her stepmother shuffled forward, her steps slow but steady. She showed no emotion or sense of recognition. The only utterances she made were those strange low moans.

Lizzie moved back even further, trying to keep out of reach of Mrs. Borden’s grasping fingers. Then her foot hit something. Lizzie quickly glanced down at the silver hairbrush that had fallen to the floor. Too late, she realized her error.

“No!” Lizzie shivered at the feel of her stepmother’s clammy, cold hand around her wrist. “Abby, what happened? What’s wrong with you?”

Mrs. Borden said nothing and moved in closer. Her mouth opened and closed revealing bloodstained teeth.

“No! Stay away!” Lizzie yelled. “Stop!”

She didn’t. Instead, Mrs. Borden scratched and clawed at her. Lizzie leaned back, barely escaping the snap of the madwoman’s teeth at her neck.

“Mrs. Bor—Abby! No, no! Stop!” Continue reading

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Heather’s Turn by Christina Leigh Pritchard

Heather’s Turn
The Carnie Series Book 1
by Christina Leigh Pritchard
Genre: YA Thriller
Alice failed. Now it’s Heather’s turn.
Did you ever hear the old saying, Ignorance is Bliss? That’s how it was
for Heather and her friends. Life at the carnival was normal. Then,
one small event, catapulted them into reality–into what they really
Heather and her friends discover just how strange they are when they’re
forced to step into our world. They see what life is like in various
cultures and unravel a dark history that’s been buried deep by their
relatives. When they learn the truth, can they forgive and move on?
Or will the hate consume them like it did their parents? Will they
find the same misfortune as Alice who was hanged for trying to change
the world? Or will their bond of friendship be too strong to allow
the world around them to corrupt the way they view each other?
Voted “New and Noteworthy” by USA Book News, Christina Leigh
Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida where she’s penned
over fifty stories.
She’s recently signed with Limitless Publishing for her ALMOST Series,
takes on contract work, and continues writing her books.
Her style is any genre, as long as it’s character driven where both hero
and villain are not clearly defined. Pritchard says that she wants
“…her characters to linger in a reader’s mind, rather than be
easily forgotten”. She loves to create new worlds and prefers to
venture outside the box. With a short attention span, she writes
stories that move quickly, absorb their reader into her world, and
usually receives comments that the story was too short.
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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Raritan Manor Ranch by C.R. Moss

Dream Across Time
Raritan Manor Ranch Book 1
by C. R. Moss
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Time Travel
A woman in love. A ghost in need. A man possessed.
Evelyn Sheridan is in love with Raritan Manor Ranch’s resident ghost,
Quinn, but can only experience his embrace in her dreams.
Quinn VanAlder, who doesn’t realize he’s a ghost, loves Eve
and wishes she’d stop saying they can’t be together.
While at the ranch, Alex VanAlder arrives for a visit, and Evelyn’s hopes
rise. Perhaps she will be able to have a real relationship after all.
Alex, though, has no interest in Evelyn. Yet, every time the house
cat, Myrddin, comes around, Alex feels like a man possessed and wants
Eve with a passion.
Caught between loving a ghost and putting up with a man who can’t make up
his mind, Evelyn is at a loss. Can the magic of the ranch help Evelyn
to stop being caught between two worlds?
Journey Across Time
Raritan Manor Ranch Book 2
There is magic on the ranch…
A woman examining life. A man on a quest.
Time restores his spirit and her love.
Trent, a man in the past on a mission to discover where he belongs, embarks
on a spiritual journey. His spirit guide, to his dismay, is a frisky
feline named Myrddin. During a ritual, the cat brings the soul
searcher forward into Julie VanAlder’s world.
Julie is attracted to the newcomer on the ranch, but his strange mannerisms
and speech dictate she use caution, especially when she learns where
he’s from. A botched relationship, supposed time travel, spiritual
mumbo jumbo…it’s almost too much for Julie to take.
Can Trent make her believe in destiny and win her love
before it’s too late?
A Wish Across Time
Raritan Manor Ranch Book 3
A woman once shunned. A man now changed.
There’s a thin line between love and hate.


When Wiccan practitioner Cassandra Vanlder encounters a man from her past
who’d broken her heart, she casts some spells to help herself while
wishing karma would deal out some payback. The spells turn against
her, and before she knows it, she finds herself falling for him again.
Ryan Keene finds Cassandra enchanting and feels he’s met her somewhere
before. She and her best friend, Debi, won’t give him any clues as
to her identity. He loves challenges and doesn’t plan to back off
from her until he finds the answers he seeks. He’s told he has three
dates to win her over.
Will she close off her heart or will she allow herself to feel again?

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Blog Tour: The Purrfect Pet Sitter by Carol Thomas


Introducing Lisa Blake, the purrfect pet sitter! 

When Lisa Blake’s life in London falls apart, she returns to her hometown rebranding herself as ‘the purrfect pet sitter’ – which may or may not be false advertising as she has a rather unfortunate habit of (temporarily) losing dogs!

But being back where she grew up, Lisa can’t escape her past. There’s her estranged best friend Flick who she bumps into in an embarrassing encounter in a local supermarket. And her first love, Nathan Baker, who, considering their history, is sure to be even more surprised by her drunken Facebook friend request than Lisa is.

As she becomes involved in the lives of her old friends Lisa must confront the hurt she has caused, discover the truth about her mysterious leather-clad admirer, and learn how to move forward when the things she wants most are affected by the decisions of her past.

Purchase from Amazon UK or Amazon US



About the Author

Carol Thomas lives on the south coast of England with her husband, four children and lively young Labrador. She has been a playgroup supervisor and taught in primary schools for over fifteen years, before dedicating more of her time to writing. Carol is a regular volunteer at her local Cancer Research UK shop. She has a passion for reading, writing and people watching and can often be found loitering in local cafes working on her next book.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: California Can Wait by Marci Boudreaux

California Can Wait
by Marci Boudreaux
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reporter Andrea Davidson isn’t running from her mistakes. There’s no escaping
the career-ending mess she fell into back home. But she is moving
forward, and is halfway to a new life in California when someone
breaks into her motel room. She’s lost her computer and her dignity,
but that’s only the beginning of her newest problem: local news
editor Graham Bradley.
Graham Bradley doesn’t know a thing about the newspaper business. A widow
with a promise to keep, he’s got more than just his own personal
welfare riding on this small-town paper. The last thing he needs is a
pushy woman with a secret in her past and a vicious red pen throwing
all his mistakes and insecurities front and center on his desk. Faced
with an impossible choice, Graham hires Andi, but hopes she’s not
just the last-and maybe worst-in a long line of bad decisions. Saving
the small-town Gazette is the second chance both Andi and Graham need.
But with bill collectors calling, Andi’s past catching up fast, and the
chemistry between them making work next to impossible, will Andi and
Graham get the second chance they both desperately need? Or will
their demise be the next big headline?

He glanced through the window to where Donna was sitting at her desk before leveling his gaze at Andi. Even though the woman was on the other side of the building, he lowered his voice. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

Andi forced a laugh, an obvious attempt to dismiss his question, but her fake giggle only made him more suspicious. “Of course not.”

“Really? Because you had that same look when I gave you tax papers to fill out, which by the way, you still haven’t done. It was also the look you had when you said you didn’t want a byline. Now you’re scared of taking phone calls?”

Any amusement she’d pretended to have faded, and she stared him straight in the eye as if warning him to back off. “I’m not scared of taking phone calls. I just wasn’t expecting one, that’s all.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all,” she stated firmly.

“Look, I don’t care what’s going on with you. I just need to know that you’re not bringing your problems to my doorstep.”

“I’m not.”

Reaching around her, he closed the door. “I don’t need any more complications getting this paper back on its feet than I have already.”

“I’m not here to complicate anything. I just don’t want to throw my name out there when I’m only passing through.”

“Passing through to where? Where are you going, Andi? Where did you come from? Why are you here?”

He sighed when she simply stared at him.

“You know what?” He shook his head, thinking of how intense the last few days had been. Not just the frustration they seemed to constantly spark in each other, but the undeniable attraction he felt for her that he suspected was not one-sided, as well as his fear of getting involved with someone who had just as much, if not more, baggage than he did. “This is a really bad idea. I mean, I don’t even know what kind of experience you have, and I’m taking your advice, letting you write for me, and make decisions for my paper.” He held up a hand to stop her when she started to speak. “I don’t even know if Andi is your real name because you have yet to give me any kind of proof of identity. You’ve got this whole secret life thing going on, and it’s starting to make me nervous. I think it’s time for you to tell me who you are and how you know what you know about running a newspaper.”

She stared him down, seemingly torn. “I obviously have experience. Isn’t that enough?”

He glanced through the window at Donna, not really needing to verify that she wasn’t eavesdropping. She rarely left her desk. He just needed to not look at the plea in Andi’s eyes.

“I realize I’m not that great at this newspaper thing yet, but I’ll get it. I’ve been going to conferences and doing research. I’ll figure it out. It would be easier if I had someone on staff to show me, but not if you can’t be honest with me.”

She scoffed and gave her head a hard shake. “So I have to tell you my life story to work for you?”

“No,” he snapped. “You have to tell me that letting you work here isn’t going to cost me everything I’ve worked for. What kind of mess are you in?”

“I’m not in any kind of mess, Graham.”

“Don’t lie to me, Andi.” He paused, giving her time to confess, but she simply stood there, silently imploring him with her sad eyes. Damn it, he didn’t want to fire her, but she was not leaving him any choice. “Be honest with me.” He hoped using a more gentle tone would persuade her. “Tell me what is going on with you. Tell me right now, Andi. Or leave.”

As a teen, Marci Boudreaux skipped over
young adult books and jumped right into the world of romance novels.
She’s never left. Marci lives with her husband, two kiddos, and
their numerous pets. She is a freelance writer appearing monthly in a
variety of local magazines as well as a content editor.
Romance is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels
better than falling in love with someone new and her husband doesn’t
like when she does that in real life.
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Blog Tour: The Art of Dominating the Winner’s Circle for the College-Minded Student by Anika C. Thrower, PhD



The Art of Dominating the Winner’s Circle for the College-Minded Student

By Dr. Anika Thrower

Genre: Self-help

Book Description

Laced with positive affirmations The Art of Dominating the Winner’s Circle for the College-Minded Student is sure to ignite the desire to grab moments of truth on the journey to higher education. After an introduction about how the books autonym the author discusses how our formative years shapes our lives.

All people come from backgrounds that could lead to a life of poor choices or better choices. Since everyone has a story the author shares a gleams into hers. Within she discusses how she as a child had a front room seat and witnessed some of the poor choices of influential people in her life. She decided to make a go at better choices for herself with the intent to make impact on self, family and the community. This started with attending college.

She asserts it was the journey through college that saved her life.

Having climbed the academic ranks herself and becoming a PhD she now teaches college students. She shows youth and young adults how to: set goals, seek mentorship, prioritize and draw closer to positivity. Within the book, she shares her own personal affirmations and 60 real-life scenarios (she calls life-hacks) of youth and young adults to be solved. The scenarios are broken down into those experienced by high school and college students. The book prompts the reader to solve each scenario alone or with others. Planted in the back of the book is food for thought on how to work through each scenario.  As bonuses, she introduces some of her favorite affirmations from famous people and discusses the importance of proper nutrition during college years to promote mental agility.

Also known as The Self-Preservationist, Dr. Thrower rolls out the roadmap as she shows youth and young adults how to not only take ownership but dominate the academic journey.

Amazon Ebook





About the Author

A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native, Dr. Thrower has worked within various populations around the country. Currently, she serves as a health-based professor at Springfield College. There she teaches both graduate and undergraduate coursework. As a health advocate, for nearly a decade she has served at the Nutrition Manager in the first Women, Infants and Children’s (WIC) Program within the state of Connecticut at the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center. The program she oversees is known as one of the first WIC programs in the United States. Outside of that work she is an author, public speaker and health-based writer. She has served as a contributing writer for the African American Point of View for nearly a decade. As part of her civil work, she served as both a council member and voted in as the co-chair on the City of New Haven’s Food Policy Council. There she was instrumental in assisting with City of New Haven’s first Food Action Plan.

Dr. Thrower obtained her undergraduate degree in nutrition from Norfolk State University. Later she was awarded both a masters and doctorate degree in public health from Walden University. Because of her exemplary research, Walden University presented her with the prestigious Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award.

In her leisure time she enjoys coffee, early mornings and reading.


Twitter: @dranikathrower




Blog Tour & Giveaway: Production Values by Liv Bartlet


“Mornings like this I can understand the appeal of killer high heels. How they click with command down the sidewalk: Get out of my way, I’m in charge and I’ve got the footwear to prove it.”


At the age of 28, Kat Porter has become the it-girl of British TV Production. Gut, gumption, and artistry have carried her through a dozen impossible scenarios to arrive at her first run as Executive Producer, and now all three muses point to Ian Graham’s star power as the key to Los Angeles and golden statues.

But disaster looms as Ian twists Kat into a chameleon fit for success. Ian’s young daughter is thrown into the spotlight and Kat must face the consequences of her neverending quest for acclaim.

Production Values takes a biting but fun look at Hollywood—from the way we interpret female ambition to the influence of the paparazzi on how TV shows and stars fail or succeed.


Purchase Links:

US –

UK –





Kat and Bea’s little Brit-com 21 Things has hit it big, and they’re attending the Golden Globes for the first time. Kat’s nerves peak as their limo makes its way to the red carpet.


The slow crawl up Santa Monica Boulevard separates me foot by tortuous foot from sanity. I’m batty, bonkers, nuts—up on my knees on the seat, my big poofy skirt spread wide around me with my arms raised to let cold air get to my hyperactive sweat glands. The air conditioning vents blow on my armpits with hardly a hint of cooling power.

“What are you doing?” Bea laughs.

“I can’t be sweaty on the red carpet! You heard the stylist.”

“It’s only sixty degrees outside. You won’t sweat, especially not in that blouse.” Bea sits incredibly upright in her curve-hugging black lace gown while Ben sprawls next to me, risking wrinkles to his tux.

“Sleeveless doesn’t mean sweat-proof,” I protest.

Ben laughs off my concern and pokes at my ribs. He’s so relaxed he yawned a minute ago, a semi-pro at these events thanks to his past big-ticket, small-role Hollywood movie career. Sometimes I wonder why Ben isn’t a bigger star, maybe this laissez-faire attitude is exactly why.

“Ben! Sit up. We have to look perfect.”

Bea hushes me without a look, her eyes on her phone. “Kat, dial it down. All the way down.” She resumes the rhythmic tapping as she composes a message. Working. Really, Bea? Now? Bea talks a good game, but she’s biting that spot on her lip again. Just as nervous as me. Though, honestly, I’ve cracked. Headed straight past the Beverly Hills Hilton and on to Crazy Town.

“Cool your jets, Kat.” Ben does a decent surfer-dude impression.

That’s my date. The lounging surfer dude. Curse the Globes and their miserly provision of tickets. Only ten tickets for our whole production. Jamie got a plus-one because he’s married, and the rest came stag.

I had amazing dreams of walking as a group down the red carpet, but when I talked to the cast—crickets. No one wanted to come. Ben was the only member of the cast willing to walk the red carpet of the Golden Globes.

Bea is more press-shy than Punxsutawney Phil 364 days of the year. She’s terrified of the worst dressed list, the worst anything list. The idea of the red carpet sent her into a tailspin not even I could pull her out of, and she dug her heels in like a donkey peering over the side of the Grand Canyon. Hell no. She will not go. I begged, pleaded, argued. But no. Once Bea’s stubborn streak kicks in, you could die on a starvation strike and she’d shrug off your cause.

And it’s ridiculous because she looks hot. Like, men-leave-their-wives kind of hot.

Full-body henna peeks out from under expensive black lace as sheer as Bea’s modesty will permit. Her hair is piled on her head in this flirtatious bed head bun with wispy tendrils caressing her neck. She’s sleek and sexy—a tame Lady Godiva with wildness held in by a corset.

But Lady Godiva will not ride.

If I had curves like Bea, I would so ride.

So here I am, the producer, about to hit the red carpet with one of my actors while the rest of our group slinks in the back door. Entirely unacceptable, but I was overruled.

“My date is obsessed with her armpits,” Ben drawls. “Is that what smells in here?”

Bea smugly grins. “You’re evil. To your bones. She’ll be sniffing next.”

I force myself not to sniff. My stylist said to stick, then spray, then stick. I can’t remember the last stick.

“There’s a definite odor.” Ben sniffs. I smell red carpet doom. I angle my suspect armpits closer to the air.

“Bea, do you have extra deodorant? You have to have everything in that bag.”

“Ignore Ben. Who knows what all has happened in this limo. Any smell isn’t you.”

Ben laughs at me as he rolls onto his back. There must be dozens of wrinkles in his tux. I throw my reticule at his mocking face, but he snags it mid-air.

“Oh, you! Leave me alone.” I laugh with him, even as I pretend to pout by crossing my arms over my chest.

He tosses my reticule back at me. The small collection of contents jingles as it falls through my hands to the floor. I pick it up and finger the items inside. I’ve no idea what is supposed to be in a reticule, but I’m guessing smarter people include deodorant. Mine has lip gloss, my hotel key card, ID, a tampon in case stress throws off my cycle, the paper star with my name from my very first opera dressing room—for luck—and hairpins. For no real reason as there are no pins in my hair. The word was on a list in the makeup room so I put hairpins in my reticule.

Ben sits up and scoots beside me. “Seriously, Kat, you need to chill. It’ll be more fun.”

“Maybe.” My stomach growls, reminding me about the silly no food on live TV rule. “We’re going to miss dinner. All these stupid limos are so slow.”

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Peace Out by Sandra Hurst

Peace Out
A Peace Series Novella
by Sandra Hurst
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Brent Harrington is gone and Cyn Redman really couldn’t give a rat’s
ass. While the whole town celebrates or mourns the end of the
Harrington dynasty, Cyn’s life is falling apart. Her mother has
recently been diagnosed with cancer, throwing Cyn’s heart, as well
as her future plans into turmoil.


The last thing Cyn is looking for is Jericho, the quiet, soft-spoken
ranch hand from the McBride place. Between the clinic closing, her
mom’s health, and Cyn’s long-delayed college plans, there are
already too many uncertainties. Could Jericho be the anchor she needs
so desperately as her world falls apart? Or is he just another excuse
not to let go of Peace and move on.
Complaining to herself, Cyn slumped off the sidewalk and headed across the
street toward the grocery store. They usually had soup or something on sale. It
was better than an empty stomach on a cold day. She didn’t even see the dirty
brown pickup truck until it veered away from her and slammed into one of the
garbage cans that were cemented to the sidewalk up and down main street. A tall
man unfolded himself from the cab, cursing quietly. “Miss? Ya’ll okay? I didn’t
see you there.”
Cyn shook her head and kept walking away until a hand grasped her
“Are you okay? Answer me, please!” The deep voice with its hint of a
southern accent was quiet but firm, and the hand that gently shook her shoulder
knocked Cyn out of her daze and somehow centred her thoughts.
“You…” Cyn’s voice was shakier than she thought it would be. She
swallowed thickly and tried again, “You almost killed me.”
“You need to watch it when you step out into the street, ma’am. Peace may
be small, but we do have cars here.”
“Who are you to talk to me about Peace,” Cyn said, her dark eyes flashing.
“I’ve lived in this litterbox since junior high school.”
“My name is Jericho Matthews.” Jericho let go of his grip on Cyn’s shoulder
and stepped back slightly, politely ignoring the fact that the shaking hadn’t gone
away yet. “I work up at the McBride ranch. Don’t come into town much, so I
guess we haven’t met.”
Cyn looked up at the cowboy. She couldn’t believe just how far up she had to
look to meet his dark-brown eyes. She tilted her head back so that she could look
at his face rather than his chest, nice though it was. Cyn scowled, trying to get a
sense of the man from his features. She wished her mom was here—Mom could
see through people like they were made of glass. “Let me go, please, Mr.
Matthews. I need to get back to work.” Cyn tried to keep her voice steady, but it
still sounded shaky and much younger than the twenty-six year-old she really
was. “I’m sorry that I didn’t watch what I was doing. I hope your truck isn’t
knocked up too bad.”
Damn, Cyn thought, that’s all I needed—truck repairs are just one more
thing I can’t afford to pay for and I will not worry Mom about this kind of stuff.
“Not to worry, Miss…?” He made the polite statement a question and Cyn
sighed ruefully. She hadn’t told him her name. She was kind of hoping not to.
Cyn had decided months ago that she didn’t have room in her mind for anything
other than her mom and their future. Everything else, everyone else, was
“Redman,” she finally admitted, when it looked like Jericho was going to
stand there until she gave him a name. “I’m Cynthia Redman. I work at the
counselling centre across the road.”
Jericho took her hand and held it gently. His skin looks so dark against mine,
she thought. Cyn had never had her mom’s beautiful copper skin.
“Let me walk you back, Miss Redman,” Jericho said, giving her a guiding
push back down the street toward the clinic. “You still look really pale, and I’d
feel better if you were inside somewhere warm.” As Jericho steered her down
the slushy sidewalk and back toward the doors of the counselling centre, Cyn
couldn’t help stealing glances. He was an anomaly in a town full of bellowing
ranchers and chirping old ladies. He didn’t talk much, didn’t ask questions, just
walked quietly beside her with his hand once more resting on her shoulder.

A mythmaker at heart, Sandra Hurst has been writing poetry, fantasy and
science fiction since her school days in England. Hurst moved to
Canada in 1980 and was deeply influenced by the wild lands and the
indigenous cultures that surrounded her. Y’keta, her first
full-length novel, is set in a mythical land, untouched by science or
technology, a
n ancient world
where legends walk and the Sky Road offers a way to the stars.
A member of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, the Canadian
Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and The Mythopoeic Society,
Hurst works to build fantasy worlds that allow her readers to join
her in exploring the depths of human interaction in a mythical game
of ‘what if.’
Her first novel, Y’keta, is long-listed for the prestigious Aurora
Award, for best Canadian fantasy novel (Young Adult) and the
American-based RONE award for break out fantasy novel.
She now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and son, both of whom
she loves dearly, and has put up for sale on e-bay when their
behaviour demanded it.
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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Serial Muderess by C.F. Rabbiosi

The Darkness in Faith
Serial Murderess Volume 1
by C. F. Rabbiosi
Genre: Erotic Horror
My name is Faith: Tortured sex slave turned brutal murderer. Men have
abused my body for inhuman pleasures, hurt me and made me feel
helpless. But now…

They fear me. I wish I could say that it is all for the good of the world
that I kill them slowly and give them a taste of what they have made
others feel, but that would be a lie. Turns out, I have a lust for
blood and get off on making THEM my slave. They may be way past being
offended at that point, but I sure enjoy my living dead boys.

Just one small problem. I am falling for my newest conquest and don’t know
anymore if I want to tie him up and kill him slowly. He supposedly
sexually assaulted a woman horribly ten years ago and is currently on
parole for the crime, but something about those genuine sea green
eyes and that beguiling mouth makes me weak. I still want to tie him
up but what I want to do to him- will make us both scream.

Something about his darkness and pain calls to my own, and he knows I could
kill him at any time, but still fights to possess me in every
dripping, consuming and tantalizing way.

Come inside if you dare where real sex slave stories are my inspiration
and I’ll tell you the story of a serial murderess and the life
altering events that made her a Lover of the Dead.


“Rabbiosi’s books are beautifully written, twisted and sadistic, and will consume
you from the first page until the very end and you will want more.”
-Under the Night Sky book review.

“After the first chapter, I looked at the clock and sighed because I knew
exactly what I was going to be doing all night. 6 am alarm be
damned.” -Nicole Horn, author of Sapphire Crystal Rose series.

“Gripping, dark and exciting, I can’t wait to get the next in the series.”
-Desiree Ferreira

“These books are sexy and twisted, with true sex slave tales inspiring the
backstory of the main character. There’s a lot of darkness with a
touch of crazy, and I was truly entertained.” -Amazon User

Darkly Dreaming Faith
Serial Murderess Volume 2
How can I admit to myself that I have fallen for the one thing I fear the
most? I should kill him, as I have visited bloody death on many
others just like him but…
Instead I have let him inside me. Deeply, painfully and with all-consuming
psychotic passion. My body hums when he hurts it, as he’s brought out
a hidden side of me that thrives off his rough touch. I have never
felt so alive.
Here he is by my side as we travel the country, staying in the finest
hotels and savagely getting revenge on those who have sexually
tortured me. What a ride. Kill, rough sex. Try to kill each other,
more rough sex… And repeat.
But something changes my dark lover with each kill and I fear I will lose
him forever. The blood thirsty beast he struggles to keep locked up
within thrashes against its cage, and I don’t know how much time we
have left together. Oh, but I WILL make the most of it.
Vicious Faith
Serial Murderess Volume 3
My enemy becomes my lover…
Please let me go,” I say.
He takes a deep breath. “I can’t. Why don’t you see that you are
meant for me? You’re a killer, you’re a sexual predator, and my
dark soul demands I take yours. I need to **** your body mercilessly
and make you scream from beneath me. I have no choice because I’ve
never wanted anything so bad.”
His lips move to ear. “Say you want me, Faith.” He sucks my neck into
his mouth and the ache feels good. He leaves bruises. “I will do
I cringe and stare into nothingness. This is my way out. If he has
become obsessed with me because I escaped him years ago, because his
best friend wants me, and because I challenge him, then I can use it
to escape. I refocus and allow my demoness to take hold. “I
shouldn’t want you James.”

He moves inside me, lifting me up and forcing me back down over his
thickness and I cry out. “But you do,” he breathes.


I won’t make it that easy. “You excite me. You make my body sing
and scream at the same time.” …I want
you,” I say breathlessly. He feels so good because this is so bad
and my sanity is being pushed to the limit. I run my fingers across
the shaved sides of his head and rip his blond hair backward. I ride
him hard. “You’re beautiful,” I say, trying to breathe.
“Because you tear me to pieces.”


He grasps my hips, the killer who has never gotten off without hurting a
woman first, and digs his fingers into my flesh. With a desperate
kiss, his eyes roll back and his body tenses in anticipation…
Charity used to be a Registered Nurse in California, and though she doesn’t
use her two degrees in the field anymore, they have helped her with
her real passion- writing. She happily writes the day away using her
in depth Anatomy, Physiology and Psych background to make her death
scenes more real and her killers more… colorful. But it’s not all
about the blood, because more than anything she loves hot romance.
Her heroine is kick-ass and her men are all the dangerous and
gorgeous beasts you love to hate.
Her style is beautifully gruesome and inspired by Interview With The
Vampire, Buffy, and True Blood. She lives in the beautiful university
city of Columbia, MO with her incredible husband and three girls, and
loves yoga almost as much as living and writing in her own fantasy world.
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Blog Tour: Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy


Mercie Hillbrook lives a simple, quiet life working as a gas station attendant. Then her parents are killed. Her home is taken. The people responsible are excused for just doing their job. When an attempt to get justice her way lands her in trouble with the law, Mercie realizes she still has something to lose: her own life.

Then she finds reason to believe her parents were murdered… and she doesn’t care anymore.
“Roy delivers on the edge of your seat storytelling with rough edges, crooked cops and a tiny light at the end of the tunnel that is never quite extinguished.”

– Tom Vater, journalist, co-founder of Crime Wave Press

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About the Author

Chris Roy was raised in South Mississippi, in the midst of ugly Gulf Coast beaches and spectacular muddy bayous.

Chris lived comfortably with the criminal ventures of his youth until a fistfight in 1999 ended tragically. Since January, 2000, he’s been serving a life sentence in the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Nowadays he lives his life  crime vicariously, through the edgy, fast-paced stories he pens, hoping to entertain readers. When he isn’t writing, he’s reading, drawing or looking for prospects to train in boxing.



Shocking Circumstances
Book I: Last Shine
Book 2: Resurrection

Sharp as a Razor
Book I: A Dying Wish

You can find Chris Twitter @AuthorChrisRoy and on his Amazon Author Page:


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