Blog Tour: The Haunting of Mount Cod by Nicky Strattion

Title: The Haunting of Mount Cod

Author: Nicky Stratton

Release Date: 28th June 2018

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Format: Paperback



Lady Laura Boxford lives with her pug, Parker, in the retirement complex of Wellworth Lawns, formerly her family home.

One day she and her friend Venetia see the ancient actor Sir Repton Willowby arriving. He’s Venetia’s cousin by marriage and Venetia says he murdered his wife.

He lives at the Edwardian pile, Mount Cod and he says he’s being haunted by the ghost of an eighteenth century serving wench called Rosalind.

Laura is convinced he’s a charlatan using the ghost as a ruse for finding a new wife.

She determines to get to the bottom of the mystery on account of Venetia’s daughter, who stands to inherit Mount Cod.

But did Sir Repton murder his wife and is the house haunted?

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Lady  Laura  Boxford  folded  the  Telegraph  obituary  page,  put  it  back  in  the  drawer  of  her  desk  and  took  out  the  local  paper.

“Spectacular Death of Heroic Military Gentleman,” stated the Woldham Herald.

She  sat  down  on  the  sofa  next  to  Parker,  her  old  grey  pug  and  began  to  re-read  the  article.

‘Dear  Arthur,  what  a  way  to  go,’  she  said,  as  Parker  began  to  snore.  She  patted  him,  noticing  the  rich  patina  of  age  spots  on  her  once  elegant  hand  and  then  the  glint  of  the slightly  insignificant  ruby  and  diamond  ring  on  her  finger.

Laura  Boxford  had  only  been  engaged  to  Brigadier  Arthur  Stanway  for  three  weeks  when  he  was  killed  at  Woldham’s  annual  Spring  Agricultural  Show  and  “Spectacular,”  was  not  a  word  she  would  necessarily  have  chosen  to  describe  her  late  fiancé’s  fatal  encounter  with  the  marauding  Limousin  bull.  It  had  broken  loose  from  the  young  farmer  who  was  handling  the  beast  as  they  made  their  way  to  the  main  arena  for  judging.

‘Christ  Boxford,  that  brute’s  going  to  stampede  the  children’s  play  area,’  were  the  Brigadier’s  last  words  to  her  before  he  had  removed  the  red  silk  spotted  handkerchief  from  the  pocket  of  his  tweed  jacket  and  waved  it  at  the  bull.  At  eighty-six,  he  did  not  have  the  agility  of  a  Spanish  matador  and  that  was  that.  Children saved, Brigadier trampled to death.

‘I  wonder  if  he’d  have  stopped  calling  me  Boxford  after  we  were  married?’  Laura pondered aloud.



About the Author

Nicky  Stratton  came  second  in  a  short  story  competition  when  she  was  twenty;  the  prize  was  a  brown  typewriter  called  The  Underdog  2000,  but  rather  than  become  a  novelist,  she  embarked  on  a  thirty  year  career  as  a  copywriter.  Alongside  work,  Stratton  raised  two  children  plus  a  veritable  menagerie  of  animals,  including  a  hawk;  she  also  took  an  Open  University  degree  in  Humanities,  graduating  at  the  age  of  fifty  with  a  2.1.  She  finally  published  her  first  novel,  The  Weight  of  Death,  in  2016.  Nicky  Stratton  lives  in  Stratford  upon  Avon  with  her  partner  Myles.