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bookcover2Title: Coinman 
Author: Pawan Mishra
Publisher: Lune Spark LLC

Date Published: Nov 04, 2015

Number of pages: 236
Genre: Fiction/ Humor/ Satire


An Untold Conspiracy is a humorous account of a man with a quirk–and the extraordinary measures his colleagues take to combat it! Set in a small town in northern India, this story follows Coinman, his peculiar habit, and the incredible animosity it provokes in everyone
around him. He just wants to do his clerk’s job with colleagues who’ll treat him fairly. He just wants a wife who’ll treat him like a husband.
He just wants a happy home life. Instead, what does he get?  
His colleagues are planning his complete destruction.
His wife is an obsessed actress more than a little “off plumb.”
And there are enough shadows and secrets in his home for two lifetimes.

Can Coinman ever get what he wants? Or will that cost him his sanity?

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Sometimes fate just plays a strange game of Scrabble with you. Irrespective of your tiles, and your successful turns, fate always gets all the doubles, triples, and bingos. If you challenge a word, fate always has it in the dictionary. On the other hand, if fate challenges a word, the word stops being valid in the dictionary. You have no clue what words fate will create.

You are always in some game with fate. Sometimes, despite your impeccable position, all the right moves, and all the foresight, it’s fate that dictates what happens at the end.

Given the hatred against the coins that had recently leaped from below the surface to the center stage, and Hukum’s failed attempts to have a dialogue with Coinman, everyone knew that someone needed to spearhead a formal campaign, yet no one could have ever guessed it was going to be Saarang.

The unpredicted twist in Saarang’s meeting with Tulsi had led him to organize, quite unexpectedly, the most historic event connected to this story. Call it Saarang’s attempt to make his fabricated story to Tulsi more authentic, or whatever, it was happening.

It started when Saarang gathered the first floor in the cafeteria, to almost a full capacity, and addressed the gathering.

Friends, brothers, wingmen,” he said, adjusting his tie, “lend me your ears; I cometh to fury Coinman, not to hon’r him; woes that he causes hath become oppressive. Mine heart is with Coinman, but mine mind sayeth that he wilt be amerced. We wilt not mourneth f’r ourselves. We wilt outcast the lown.”

Mine broth’r from anoth’r moth’r,” Panna said, “we all know your desperate attempts at literature. You aren’t in the ivy halls of your miserable literature pursuit now. Without wasting more time, will thou cometh to the pointeth? Dost thou wanteth us to stayeth or leaveth?”

Stayeth, stayeth…certes,” Saarang hurried to say nervously. He wasn’t known as the best public speaker—perhaps why he was taking cover under Shakespeare.


Quotes from Coinman:
 “Isn’t life a collection of weird quizzes with no answers to half the questions?” 

“The only thing God is afraid of is a strong-willed human!”

“People say there are thousands of options we have in life. I say we have only two: we can either be happy or be unhappy.”

“Talented minds have always been stealthily targeted by mediocre ones.”


About the Author

pawanauthorPawan Mishra is a leader in the technology and finance industries. He completed his education, including postgraduate work, at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), India, in 1999. He discovered his passion for storytelling, reading, and creative writing during his early childhood. Originally from Aligarh, India, Pawan now lives in Morrisville, North  Carolina, with his wife Ritu and two daughters, Mitali and Myra.
To learn more about Pawan and his writing, visit:
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From the Author

My advice to aspiring writers:

Think about what’s different about the book you are about to start writing. Do lot of research on topics / ideas detailed in the book. Travel and see different places and meet different people. Make sure you have a way to capture your thoughts at all times – so that they are not lost later. If you are a fiction writer, read a lot of fiction books with a variety of genres; even if those are very different than the genre you write in. Develop reading interest in philosophy, psychology, and history, if possible. Observe people around you because many of them will provide you with several traits in your characters, if not become one of them. Network immensely with the writer and reader communities to help you write better and promote your book better. Don’t get demoralized by negative reviews and discouragements from individual readers — because those may not be the target readers of your writing. Similarly, don’t get overconfident by a few good reviews and always hear the critics with an honest ear.

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