Blog Tour: A Good Death by Michael Bagley

Title: A Good Death
Author: Michael Bagley
Release Date: 29th November
Page Count: 328
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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The year is 2028 and it’s a stunning spring day on the Lincolnshire Wolds, when Bess finally persuades her Uncle John to tell her the story of the family scandal that’s been merely whispered about at weddings and funerals. We’re then transported back fifteen years where, as a young man, John Stafford is forced to chase his father across the USA and Europe.

We discover, over three time-zones, that A Good Death is essentially about three characters: an embittered, former military father, a quiet, troubled son, suddenly thrust into the midst of a family crisis, and a bright, questioning young woman, who acts as conscience to both uncle and grandfather. The relationship between all three is constantly tested, as John discovers aspects of his father’s past, and is forced to remember disturbing elements of his own history, when he was just a small child.

The novel is about love and hate and betrayal and in parts it’s a dark story. But all three characters are on their own personal journeys – which each feels compelled to make – and they don’t end until back in 2028, where fate, at long last, waits.



About the Author

 Michael Bagley wrote his first two novels in the 80s, before moving on to different career paths, working as a teacher, educational consultant and running a multi-media company in the UK and US. He now resides in Devon, where he’s been drawn back to writing and vainly attempts to win offshore yacht races.