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Drummer Girl (Moonstone Series) by Andi Bremner

*Editor’s Pick*

 Shawna Gill, drummer for the all girl band Moonstone, is hiding a shameful secret she can’t let anyone find out about…

When an opportunity comes up to play drums on The Lairs new album, Shawna jumps at the chance. Her passion in life is playing percussion. But performing with The Lair means spending time with Adam Wilson, their sexy, arrogant, lead singer who seems determined to antagonize her at every turn.

But as their hate slowly turns into a passion neither of them expected, Shawna is torn between choosing what her heart wants and losing what she has sacrificed everything for. And worse too, her secret could come out and she could lose the one person more important to her than anything.


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About the Author

Andi Bremner is a forever romantic who grew up with her nose in a book and head in the clouds. 

She always dreamed of writing sexy romance stories featuring strong heroines and dashing heroes and feels blessed to share her stories with readers all over the world.

When Andi is not busy writing she can found teaching high school or hanging out with her husband and three sons.  


Easy (Labeled Series) by Jordan S Gray

New Adult

 Labeled, 2

 It’s been an entire month since Shayler Thompson has orgasmed from something not made out of silicone. If her sour mood is any indication, she needs to get laid like yesterday. So when she walks up to a sexy nerd at the bar and propositions him, it seems like a great idea. Until he rejects her and calls her easy.

Still reeling from his hurtful words, Shayler is surprised to find that the nerd, David, is a Teaching Assistant for the one college class she’s totally embarrassing herself in. When he offers to help her study, she accepts, thinking that maybe she’ll get laid after all. But David isn’t into casual sex, and Shayler refuses any sort of commitment. With enough chemistry to set his dumb Prius on fire, she’s sure one of them will eventually give in…she just really hopes it won’t be her.


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About the Author

Jordan S Gray is a full time mother, college student, and writer. She never did grow out of that emo stage and considers punk music, coffee, and Taylor Swift to be the necessary fuel for her writing. If you happen to run into her at the library or book store, the only places she leaves the house for, she’s probably dressed head to toe in black. Actually, if it weren’t for the purple hair, she would probably be shunned as a total goth- not that she has a problem with that.

PRUDE is her debut novel, and its standalone sequel, EASY, released in January 2017. You can stalk her online via Twitter @JordanStephanie where she procrastinates most of her adult responsibilities and all of her schoolwork. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: The Scene Special Edition by RM Gilmore




The Scene

a Dylan Hart novel


is coming July 17th!

The Scene

New Cover! New Interior! New forward! Same killer story!

Havoc ensues when journalist Dylan Hart takes on the story of a lifetime. Exsanguinated hookers? Vampires in real life? What more could the public want? As the death toll rises, Dylan discovers she’s put herself on the killer’s radar and will have to fight to survive.

★★★★★ “Seriously just read it.”

★★★★★ “Wow, I want to be Dylan Hart.”

★★★★★ Sarcastic lead, fast paced fun, witty dialogue, paranormal twists and turns; what’s not to love?”


My Review of the original


Pre-order your signed copy today!

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Last Wife of Attila the Hun by Joan Schweighardt

The Last Wife of Attila the Hun
by Joan Schweighardt
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Historical
Two threads are flawlessly woven together in this sweeping historical
novel. In one, Gudrun, a Burgundian noblewoman, dares to enter the
City of Attila to give its ruler what she hopes is a cursed sword;
the second reveals the unimaginable events that have driven her to
this mission. Based in part on the true history of the times and in
part on the same Nordic legends that inspired Wagner’s Ring Cycle
and other great works of art, The Last Wife of Attila the Hun offers
readers a thrilling story of love, betrayal, passion and revenge, all
set against an ancient backdrop itself gushing with intrigue.

Joan Schweighardt is the author of five novels, and more on the way. In
addition to her own writing projects, she writes, ghostwrites, and
edits for individuals and corporations.
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Summer Countdown Blitz Day 10: Rising Tide: Dark Innocence by Claudette Melanson


Claudette Melanson writes dark fantasy in Kitchener, Ontario with four bun babies: Tegan, Pepper, Butters & Beckett. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English, BS in English Education and an MA in Literature.
Harboring a deep admiration of vampires since the age of five left her with the desire to eventually become one, and now fuels the creation of her favorite paranormal characters. She hopes to one day work full time as an author, since there are many, many stories playing out inside her head.


In her very scant spare time, she enjoys watching Japanese Anime and reading
vampire stories…along with other genres of great fiction, as well as riding
every roller coaster she encounters in both her hometown and away at signings.
An advocate for good health and ketogenic eating, her favorite foods are
bulletproof coffee, cashew-flour crust pizza and treats made with xylitol and
almond, coconut or cashew flours.


Future dreams include a cabin boasting a roaring fire, isolated inside a
snow-filled wood in the Yukon—the perfect writing spot—and the completion of
dozens of future novels and stories. A Rabbit Rescue fanatic and loving bunmom,
she also hopes to help rescues all over the world save many innocent lives.


Connect with the Author here: 

~ Facebook ~ Website ~ Amazon ~ Twitter ~ x


When a cruel prank nearly claims Maura’s life, one of her classmates, Ron, rushes to her rescue.
Darkly handsome & mysteriously accepting, Ron doesn’t seem to want to stay away, but Maura is reluctant to get too close, since her mother has announced she’s moving the two of them to Vancouver…nearly 3,000 miles away from their hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania.


If life wasn’t already challenging enough, Maura begins to experience bizarre, physical changes her mother seems hell bent on ignoring, compelling Maura to fear for her own life. Vicious nightmares, blood cravings, failing health and the heart-shattering loss of Ron—as well as the discovery of a tangled web of her own mother’s lies—become obstacles in Maura’s desperate quest for the unfathomable truth she was never prepared to uncover.


This book is now free on Amazon!!!
Make sure you get your copy now!
Q & A:
    1.  If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
To be able to write full time for a living
That my bunnies could live as long as I do
To be a vampire, of course (then we would all be immortal, lol)
2.   Where do you write?
Mostly at home in the LR where I can watch my four bunnies play and interact. I love having a scary movie on in the background for inspiration.
    3.  How long does it normally take you to write a novel?
If it’s Maura it can go fast. I took six years to write Rising Tide, but that one was my first. I did Undertow in 9 months and Riptide in 5 months. It really varies on the subject matter/characters, but I hope to keep getting faster.
   4.  What are your inspirations?
Other books and movies. The Twilight series was a huge source of inspiration. I’ve always drawn from Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway. American Horror Story, 13 Ghosts. I absorb every scary thing I see/read. I also love to have background music on. It can really get me in the right frame of mind.
 5.  How did you come to write this particular book or series?
I dreamed about Maura for years. I know her very well since I fleshed her out inside my head so often after those dreams. Vampires have always been my favorite characters, so that part was a given.
 6.  What was the hardest part of writing your book, and how did you overcome it?
Finishing the first one. I’ve always had so many book ideas and starts but never carried one all the way through. I also wanted to work on my writing to make sure it was good enough to put out there. When I was halfway done with Rising Tide, I thought to myself that I needed to make the big push and get it done. I worked at it every day until I finally did it and didn’t start working on anything else. I learned there are no limits when you really set your mind to something.
7.  What is your writing drive? The power that keeps you going when your writing gets difficult?
I mostly think of all I want to accomplish. I want a huge library of titles online like Bella Forrest or Stephen King. I just tell myself to keep the ball rolling, because if I quit or give up, I’ll never accomplish what I
want to do. The only thing is to move forward. I have a few really good writing buddies who help to keep me going too! (Thanks Sherri, Laura & Lynn). Kind words from my readers always remind me why I’m doing this as well, both for them and for me
8.  How did you come up with the title?
I knew this would be a trilogy, so I wanted three titles that went well together, made up a theme. I love the ocean, so I thought of Undertow first and then the other two titles just came to me easily. There are a fair amount of water metaphors and the titles fit well with the turbulence going on in Maura’s life.
9.  Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family member?
Tome Tender Book Blog was one of the first to give me a chance and a blog review. Anytime I’ve had a book out or a promo going, Dianne Bylo is always ready to help. I really hate it when some of the blogs don’t give Indies a chance, but she welcomes Indie authors with welcome arms. She really works hard on that blog, and it shows. I appreciate her help and support very much…along with many others in the book world.


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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Choosing Love by Eilidh McGinness


New Adult / Romance

Date Published: May 19, 2017


Spark’s fly the moment they meet, but what happens next?



Jason Stanford is charismatic, handsome, wealthy and alone in Bordeaux, France.

He intends to stay six months in order to advance his space travel ambitions

and to learn French.   His plans are turned upside down by a chance meeting

with ambitious Aurelie Dumas. She is determined to teach Jason all about what

the French do best- love.



Aurelie Dumas is a career focused estate agent. Jason’s star bound ambitions

soon capture her heart, but this girl can’t do long term relationships.  Jason

helps her come to terms with a family secret which has fractured her family

but will that be enough to make her want to stay around.


Purchase Links


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XZY82VX/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/710226?ref=DreamBigPublishing



AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XZY82VX

Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/7065512

Publisher’s website: http://www.dreambigpublishing.net/choosing-love-by-eilidh-mcginness.html


About the Author

EILIDH MCGINNESS has always loved fairy-tales, history and other world fantasies.  She is never happier than when reading a good book.  Writing is a passion which she finds time for by studiously avoiding ironing and a whole manner of other household chores. Eilidh has four children. The elder two have now fled the nest and the younger two live with her in South-West France.  Eilidh was born in Scotland and although now based in France during the school term spends as much time as she can in Scotland and travelling.


Contact Information

Website: http://www.eilidhmcginness.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015233528681

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eilidhmcginness

Blog:  http://www.eilidhmcginness.com/blog

Publisher: http://www.dreambigpublishing.net/eilidh-mcginness.html



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Book Blitz: Nowhere is Home Since You Left by Madeleine Zeldin


Death, Grief, Bereavement

Date Published: 1-6-2017

Publisher: Cygnet Publications, Cygnet Media Group Inc.


When her beloved soul friend husband, Gerald, passed away a few years ago, and her friends and sons moved to distant cities, she found herself alone for the first time in her life.
Gerald, a professional artist, had his studio in their home. Their home was always filled with family life, art, music, joy and playfulness in the garden.
After his passing, the silence was loud. The joy was gone — her paradise — a lost paradise.
She had two choices, either to fall apart or to get on with life.  She chose the latter and traveled to find a home, a community — however – nowhere was home – since he left.
In writing Nowhere Is Home … Since You Left, Madeleine Zeldin shares her insights, emotions, and true life experiences as she journeys solo throughout the years following the sorrowful death of her soul mate, internationally renowned artist, Gerald Zeldin. She presents years of storytelling based on travel journals she wrote while traveling to countries such as Mexico, Philippines, Ecuador, France, Spain, and California, U.S.A.  Zeldin also reveals the intensity of the pain and sorrow experienced in her grief, along with the fulfillment, satisfaction and logistics of international travel. In her travels she volunteered in the medical field and gave help where help was needed. She brings inspiration to those of her generation, the 60’s, who find themselves alone.
Through her evocative tales of adventure, Zeldin reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world!
But ultimately where is Home?
Purchase Links: Amazon  *  Barnes & Noble


Finding Your Path

“Do not go where the path may lead.

   Go instead where there is no path

And leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When i travel to faraway places, i like to experience the local flavour … and often write a ‘sketch’ of my experiences …

My purpose in writing these travel journals … these ‘sketches’ …
is to share with you my adventures and cultural experiences of these places … the road less travelled …


saw two lovers on the beach this evening …

they were gentle and sweet …

one walked up to a bag of garbage that someone thoughtlessly left on the beach …

he tore the bag apart and started licking some juice
from the juice box …

the female slowly walked over to her friend … and coyly looked at him … as if to say …

may i share … they both started licking, then stopped …

they looked at each other and rubbed noses …

as their lips gently touched …

their slender grey proud bodies strolled away graciously

when the dogs came to chase

these donkeys away … Continue reading

Blog Tour: I Can Find You by Joss Landry


Title: I CAN FIND YOU (Emma Willis Series #2)
Author: Joss Landry
Publisher: Book Beatles Publishing LTD.
Pages: 372
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Emma just turned fifteen. Her powers have spiraled to include unusual magic, and she gladly relies on Hank and Christina’s friendship to mark the way. Thomas Carson’s feelings for Emma have changed, her aunt Franka tells her—a young man her aunt describes as a young buck whose testosterone plays a big role in his life.

New friends around Emma surprise her. They appear to be like nothing she could have imagined, and their goals stir more disturbance than their presence until she bumps into the scourge of her existence: entities who wish to control what humans do and say. She learns they are powerful, vindictive and will stop at nothing to obtain what they want.

Will Emma be able to protect the people she loves?

Visit the book’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/josslandryicanfindyou/.





First Chapter

Emma’s long hair stuck to her temples and her back in clumps and tangles. A dense fog enveloped her, and though she wore an old style black cloak, the cold mist penetrated her garment and chilled her to the bone.

After walking in this strange land for what seemed like hours instead of the mere minutes she suspected to be the dream’s timespan, Emma still ignored why she roamed about the alien land—a strange dream Emma doubted she would fight to remember upon waking—her attempts to wake up ineffective.

A carriage strode by, the big wheel close enough to scrape the side of her leg. A disheveled young man sat hunched at the helm of a horse-drawn cart. He nudged the reins of two black Percherons slowly traveling up a cobblestone road. Shabby clothes, unkempt tousled dark hair, his head followed the cadence of the horses’ slow gait, like one of those toys in perpetual motion, and the word mendicant crossed Emma’s mind.

She caught a brief impression of his thoughts as he rode passed her, warning her, of what? A sense of danger and doom filled her mind, but his words briefly captured dissolved in the fog and disappeared useless to her now.

An echo surprised her in the distance. Too loud to be a woodpecker, the sound became sharper like the wrap of knuckles on a sturdy piece of wood.

Emma opened her eyes startled by her mom’s words through her bedroom door. She stared at the light coming through the window revealing the late hour. She glanced at the clock and clutched her heart from the thump in her chest kicking her out of bed. “I’m up, Mom.” Gathering her thoughts along with her clothes, she wondered where the word mendicant came from.

She tripped over a corner of the sheet still caught between her legs and bounced her shoulder against the door frame. Late again, twice in one week to Mr. Wright’s class. Her social studies’ teacher warned them. He would not tolerate tardies.

“Sorry, Mom. Hope you’re finished with the bathroom. Can’t figure why I overslept this time,” she said more to reassure her mother from worrying that she’d fought all night with frightening dreams.

“I’ll use the one downstairs, sweetie. Are you going to be all right to get to school?”

Sensing her mother’s question to be rhetorical, the light in those big brown eyes flashing the desperation she would be late herself if she drove Emma to school, Emma nodded with a toothpaste filled smile. She gargled to rinse making her eyes water from the burn of mouthwash and toothpaste. “Go, Mom. Don’t worry about me. I’ll hop a bus.” Of course, since her mom now owned the flower shop, she needed to be there earlier than in the olden days when she worked as a mere employee.

With twenty minutes to spare before she needed to be butt in chair, a little math equation ran through her thoughts. Seven minutes to get to school by car. Dad left for work, and Mom is headed in the opposite direction.

Emma tugged on her long hair with a quick flick of the brush and applied a little pink lip color. Relentless, the math equation continued. Twenty-three minutes by bus, plus a walk from the bus to school then to my classroom.  Even saddling her bike would make her late.

Emma caught her mom’s cheery goodbye while jumping into her jeans and T-shirt, and the front door slammed shut.

She grabbed her bag, shoved her wallet into the front pouch and realized she didn’t wear the eye of Horus around her neck. No wonder sleep came in fitful images.

She rummaged through the little jewelry box on the dresser and reached for the oudjat she slipped around her neck as she lifted the thick curtain of her hair. She thanked her lucky stars she no longer needed to remove the piece of jewelry to travel. She now understood how to project and propel herself even with the eye of Horus standing guard, present these days to prevent her from roaming without her knowledge. Continue reading

Blog Tour: The International Boundaries Series by C.R. Misty

Simple Affair
The International Boundaries Series Book 1
by C.R. Misty
Genre: Romantic Suspense
This is not about wandering hearts. It’s not about desiring to cause
trouble. This isn’t about insecurity, hate or revenge on a loving
partner. This isn’t about a loveless marriage or a person with a
screwed up moral compass.

Maybe you are confident that your own relationship is strong. Maybe you are
each other’s world. Maybe you have what others are trying to find.
Maybe you know in a heartbeat it can change…
A marriage is put to the test. Jordan is revealing her secrets. They
tried this past summer with going through fertility treatment only
for it to fail. Her husband Josh has taken a second job to support
them. The long hours are starting to put a strain on the relationship
and Jordan often finds herself alone. One day she meets Devon online.
He is charming, fun and is also a writer. Jordan knows that she likes
him but dismisses the thought at first…This is a romance.
**Download FREE from Smashwords,
use promo code
BQ45A at checkout!!**

Chapter 1


I wonder; how should I start this? I could just make up a bullshit tale of love and romance and being swept off their feet from the hands of their lover, but let’s face it that tale is told a thousand times over. Take what you will with this one, this could be a real story or very much just another made up one. I will let you decide in the end either way I will never confirm it; so here goes.

2014 was the year of change for me. I was making my dreams happen. I had two goals for the New Year, one to become a published author and two to become a mother. The first of my goals happened, right now as I write this I am an author, and the second is still a work in progress I am afraid to say. This was not the end of the story, it was only the beginning and I had no way of seeing this one coming or even preparing for it. Everything that I thought I knew and that I loved would soon come into question. I am not a bad person, but I believe after you read this some of you will hate me for what I did.

My name is Jordan Connor. I am thirty one years old and have been married for coming up on seven years to Josh. We have good careers, a nice house and two cars. To everyone we lead a normal happy life. We laugh together, play together, make love twice a week and really have no major worries to throw our world out of balance. Sure we fight, every couple does and it would be weird if we didn’t.

When I went into this marriage I knew that starting a family would be difficult. Josh has had a bad hand dealt to him in terms of health and to make a long story short, he will never father a child. At the time being a twenty four year old that was completely in love with her husband to be I had no problem with it. I wanted to enjoy my twenties and focus on myself, my friends, this marriage and concentrate on getting myself established into a great career before even contemplating bringing a child into the mix. So the plan was at thirty, I would seek medical help in order get pregnant.

Thirty came and went and I never so much as tried. Why you may ask. Back in 2013, Josh had lost his job and we ran out of money. We needed to wait, so in the time being I did the things that made me happy. I spent time with my mom and dad, spent the weekends at camp with the extended family and did a lot of reading at the beach.

Back then I had been thinking about it, writing a story, why not. I had nothing to lose, I could write a better story than this peace of garbage that I am reading now, and so my first attempt at writing began and this new found hobby started a chain of events.

Deeply Bound
The International Boundaries Series Book 2
Romance, success & wealth but at what cost? Deeply Bound is the second
book in the International Boundaries Series which follows Jordan, a
woman who is on a journey in making her dreams become a reality.
Gains in her writing career and personal life are falling into place
though not in the traditional manner, she has taken the bull by the
horns, and this game of lies that she is playing, will it catch up to
her? Can she continue down this path, the rewards are good but at
what cost?
**Download FREE from Smashwords,
use promo code
WX93K at checkout!!**

Continue reading

New Release: Musings: An Argyle Empire Anthology

Release Blitz: Musings
An Argyle Empire Anthology
Add to your TBR
Release Date: June 20, 2017
Available Now!
Seven friends inspired to raise awareness and funds for homeless youth in crisis.
Seven authors with a love for storytelling.
Nine original stories with themes every reader will love.
Comedy. Romance. Suspense. Fantasy. Drama. Prose.
Individual reflections combined into an eclectic collection.
All proceeds to benefit the Philadelphia chapter of Covenant House, in loving memory of Terry Aisenstein.
Foreword by Sylvain Reynard

Kris Babe
Shari Ivey
Jennifer Locklear
Morgan Locklear
Tara Severance
Susan K Swords
Becca Vry
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Summer Countdown Blitz Day 9: Venators: Magic Unleashed by Devri Walls

Devri Walls is the best-selling author of six YA fantasy novels. She is a theater
major with a flare for the dramatic and wishes more than anything for a magic
wand. Devri is from Boise Idaho where she lives with her husband, two kids and
the cutest mutt of a dog the world has ever seen. When she’s not writing she
can be found teaching voice lessons, trying to resist the urge to sell her two
beautiful children to the circus, and cooking. Because…. food. Mmmmmmm.


Connect with the Author here: 
“Six years ago, Grey Malteer was attacked by creatures he thought couldn’t possibly exist. They repeated a word, calling him a name he’d never heard before…Venator. Since then, his life has been a hellhole of secrecy—hiding old pain alongside strange new abilities.
Rune Jenkins has an itch, as she calls it, but it’s more than that. It’s an anger that builds up like the inside of a boiler whenever she’s around anything remotely supernatural. The pressure is growing steadily worse and she can’t understand why. All she knows is—her control is slipping.
By order of an unknown council Grey and Rune are pulled through a portal in the St. Louis arch, landing them in an alternate dimension where creatures of myth and legend exist. A realm that calls them, Venators.
Made up of centuries old fae, vampires, werewolves, elves and succubi the council’s corrupt nature becomes obvious as they seek to wield the newly returned Venators as weapons. Wedged in an impossible position, Grey and Rune must decide their fate—do they go against the council’s wishes and help the innocents of this unforgiving land, or face the possibility of execution by the council.”



Q & A
1     If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
To travel the world with my husband.
That my kids will grow into successful, kind, responsible adults.
To see my books in bookstores around the world.
     2     Where do you write?
I really have to bounce around a lot. Areas go stale for me, I don’t know why. I have an office and sometimes I work at my desk or armchair in there. When that doesn’t work I pick different chairs throughout the house. When THAT doesn’t work, I flee. I  have a favorite place in my hometown called The Village. It has indoor and outdoor seating, restaurants, fountains, loads of flowers! Oh, I just love it there. I’ll work in coffee shops sometimes, or parks. Wherever my laptop can go and my brain decides it can focus, that’s where I land.
3     How long does it normally take you to write a novel?
That varies so much! I’ve done it in 6 months, lately it’s been more like 9+ months. I will never be a super speedy 1 month for a book writer. My personal writing style mixed with a fantasy genre… yeah super speed is just not going to happen. But I am working on picking up the pace again.
4     What are your inspirations?
Nature, books, movies, people. You name it, hit me at the right time and the smallest things can inspire a total novel.
5     How did you come to write this particular book or series?
I was actively looking for something to write that could be a long series. One that lent itself to that naturally, as opposed to feeling forced when a series continues past an original three book idea. Because of this I chose to lay out this series more episodically than my previous books. This allowed me unlimited, organic storylines. Each book is a full length epic adventure, but written with both inner book story arcs, and large series story arcs that are slowly unfolding.
And because I am somewhat addicted to the freedom of writing fantasy I wanted to try something that was truly unlimited. The world of the Venators has both Fantasy and Paranormal elements combined, which means I can have a dragon and a vampire in the same book and it totally works! I’m very excited about this
series. So far the biggest challenge has been to keep my brain from spiraling off into all the hundred of story ideas available to me.
6     What was the hardest part of writing your book, and how did you overcome it?
Book one is always the hardest for me, everything feels…slippery. The characters, the world, they feel a little hollow. The only way for me to overcome it is to just keep going. Keep rewriting scenes until things are fully fleshed out and I have a better handle on what I’m trying to create here. It’s exhausting and first books always take me longer. But once I’ve finished that process the rest of the series flows.
7     What is your writing drive? The power that keeps you going when your writing gets difficult?
The fact that I love it. Writing fulfills a part of me that demands to be fulfilled. There are times, many times, where I cry and wonder why I’m still plugging away at this. In those times, I imagine for a moment quitting, and I just can’t fathom my life without it. So I knuckle down and try to focus on my love for the craft.
8     How did you come up with the title?
Titles are hard! This one was easier than most because the main characters are called Venators. It made sense with the layout I chose to title it Venators and use subtitles for each new book.
9     Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family member?
Does my counselor count? Lol! But no, seriously, my counselor. Unfortunately a writer’s personal life has EVERYTHING to do with their writing. Personal trauma derails a great many of us. Having someone there to help me sort out those thoughts and feelings that get in the way of my craft is huge. 
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