New Release: Class of Love by Maryann Jordan


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Release Day Blitz – Class of Love- Maryann Jordan    
Author – Maryann Jordan
 Book – Class Of Love 
Event Date – 29th January
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Class of Love
When Letters From Home make all the difference.
Ethan Miller, an Army Apache Helicopter mechanic, was on tour in Afghanistan,
biding his time as he worked hard and played hard.
Brooke Thompson, a fourth grade teacher, was leading her class in a project to
write to a soldier.
Through the letters and gifts, Ethan grew to care for the group of children…and
their teacher. Making plans for meeting after he comes home takes a back seat
when the war intervenes. Can two people, who’ve never met, find love?
A standalone, no cliffhanger, and an HEA. For language that some may consider
crude and for scenes of a sexual nature, mature (18+) readers only.


Freedom of Love (Letters From Home Series Book 2)
When Letters From Home make all the difference.
Brody Molina, an Army medic on tour in Afghanistan, saved lives everyday but
preferred to spend his down time with a good book.
Molly Thurston, working in a library, sent boxes to books to soldiers overseas.
Slipping a note into one, she wondered who would write back.
Finding each other through a love of books, the friends continue to write, but
Molly, with a secret to hide, is afraid of her growing attraction.
When the secret is revealed, will the love between two pen pals overcome all
A standalone, no cliffhanger, and an HEA. For language that some may consider
crude and for scenes of a sexual nature, mature (18+) readers only. 




Bond of Love (Letters From Home Series Book 3)
When Letters From Home make all the difference. 
Ben Fowler, an Army mechanic on tour in Afghanistan, loved listening to his
squad member read letters from his sister. 
Alicia Newton’s letters to her twin brother kept them as close as ever. When
tragedy strikes, she relies on his friend, Ben, to fill the void. 
As Ben and Alicia help each other with shared grief, they grow closer. But as
Ben’s job is still dangerous, Alicia wonders if she can risk her heart again. 
Can two broken hearts find healing in each other? 
A standalone, no cliffhanger, and an HEA. For language that some may consider
crude and for scenes of a sexual nature, mature (18+) readers only. 



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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Breaking Evil by Kristina Rienzi

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Date Published: December 15, 2016

Publisher: Midnight Frost Books


One year ago, Sera Murano chose evil. She left her human world behind to transform into an Ensoul, a rare and powerful demon, all to fight the evil she was about to become. Working for her father Lorenzo, the leader of all demons, she secretly vowed to overturn his plot to destroy humankind.


That is, until demon hunters attack Sera and her beloved, Damon, and the truth about the human-demon war is revealed. Torn between the human life of her past and the supernatural one she lives now, Sera must decide who is the worse enemy: evil or humanity.


To win the battle of her life, Sera is forced to do the unthinkable, taking drastic measures and risking the lives of those she loves most. She must fight to the death against the only supernatural leader she’s ever known, all for a chance to break the cycle of evil.

Available on Amazon.


About the Author

Kristina Rienzi is an American author who has been writing in some fashion for several decades. In 2014, she achieved traditional publication for her debut novel, Choosing Evil (Ensouled Trilogy, Book One), and has since independently published, Luring Shadows, Twisted, and Winter Road. Her latest novel, Breaking Evil (Ensouled Trilogy, Book Two) will be releasing soon.

Professionally, Kristina has been active in the writing community as a member of several organizations such as Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers. She has also served as the New Jersey Romance Writers Literary Book Fair Chair and, most recently, the President of Sisters in Crime-New Jersey. Kristina holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling and a Senior Professional Human Resources Certificate, working in both fields throughout her business career. 

Personally, Kristina is married and doggie mommy to Pekingese and Shih-Tzu pups. Although a New Jersey resident, she dreams of one day moving to Hawaii and living the ‘Aloha’ way. When she is not writing, she spends her time reading, watching paranormal investigations, rooting for her West Virginia Mountaineers and relaxing with her loved ones, wine in hand.


Contact Information







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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Quest for the Harmonicon by Randy Lindsay

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Chase Freeman is a boy with a heart for adventure stuck living in dull Drifter Flats. The only exciting thing that ever happens in his small town is Eclipse Day and even that isn’t enough for Chase—until he sees the strange ball of light streaking across the sky. Enlisting his best friend Jordan, her little brother Luke, and Harlan the smartest boy in school, they follow the light to an American Indian medicine circle. Drawn into the middle of it, the four friends are suddenly teleported to the Battlementals dimension along with the school bully Brendan and his friend Lena. 

Once there, they find an elemental people desperate for them to accept the grand quest to save the universe. A deadly alliance has pulled it out of balance and, soon, everything will vanish altogether. Friends and enemies will have to find a way to work together to assemble the Harmonicon, defeat the Salt Giant, and find their own undiscovered abilities that will help them complete their quest. But when dark secrets are put in the wrong hands, their mission unravels and time is quickly running out. As the universe systematically starts to disappear, Chase and his friends race to put all the elements they’ve gathered together, but will it be too late to save it?





RANDY LINDSAY is a world traveler. Which sounds impressive until you realize the worlds he visits exist only in his mind and on the pages of his novels. He claims to prefer this method of sightseeing because he can stop at any time, go to the kitchen, and indulge his ice cream addiction. When he isn’t busy making things up he likes going to movies with his wife to watch what other people have made up and plays board games with his children who are in the habit of making up the rules as they go along. 

Battlementals: Quest for the Harmonicon is Randy’s third published book and the first in a series of stories that take place in the Battlemental universe. He switched to writing full time in 2011 and has had two novels published through Bonneville Books.

His journey as an author has been an exciting one, full of unexpected discoveries. One of those being the decision to focus more of his writing on middle-grade fantasy. The fact that the style feels more natural to Randy might be an indication that he is really just a kid at heart.

The second unexpected discovery was that he enjoyed marketing. Book signings, writing workshops, and podcasts about storytelling all gave him opportunities to discuss what he loves with others who share the same interest. This combined with the decision to write middle-grade stories led to his development of C.A.S.T. (a program intended to show children and teens how to incorporate storytelling into their everyday lives).

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A noise drifted out from the corner of the room, between the dresser and the closet. Chase looked over, saw nothing, and went back to getting dressed. Hitting the snooze button four times had put him in danger of being late for school—again.


There it was again. Soft. Quiet. Chase snapped his head up and studied the area around the dresser. It sounded more like a voice than a noise. Except, nobody was standing in the corner talking to him. It had to be wind blowing through a hole in the wall or a crack around the window. And that would be a perfectly good explanation if there were a hole in the wall, or a crack around the window, or even if there were any wind blowing outside.

He grabbed his shirt off the bed and out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something small and white as it drifted out from behind his dresser, like a reflection off a car window as it passed the house. He whipped his head around to get a better look, but it was gone.

Chase ran over and pulled the dresser away from the corner, finding nothing behind it but a blank wall. And some dust. And the book report he was supposed to have turned in last month.

Weird! Strange whispering-lights didn’t normally visit his room. In fact, they hadn’t ever visited him, here or elsewhere. He shrugged and pushed the dresser back into place.

“Chase,” his mother yelled from downstairs. “You’re going to be late for school.”

His mother said that every morning. He didn’t know why. Show up tardy once, or twice, or even thirty-four times during the school year and everyone expected you to be late all of the time.

He snagged his backpack off his desk and put on his Drifter Flats Falcons ball cap. The hat worked better than a comb to keep his dirty-blond hair in place. Even when there wasn’t as much as a breeze, his hair looked as if he had just run a marathon through a hurricane. The hat served another purpose, too. It hid his big Dumbo ears and placed his freckles in shadow. That just left Chase with the problem of disguising his disgustingly scrawny arms.

Racing downstairs, his feet thudded loudly with each step, like a drum beating out the notes to a tribal war dance. Boom, boom, boom-boom.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to run down the stairs?” his mother hollered from the kitchen. “You could trip and break your neck.”

Why did it always have to be the neck? Why not break a leg? That way it’d be like how people in Hollywood wished each other good luck. And even though he would know what his parents really meant, he could pretend they were just cheering him on to have an excellent day.

“Mom, can we move?” Chase grabbed a couple pieces of toast from the table and stuffed one of them in his mouth. The toast was warm, dark-brown, and lightly buttered. He would rather have had it covered in cherry jelly, but it was good this way too.

“Where do you want to move now?” she asked. “Last week it was Arizona so you could look for the Lost Dutchman Mine.”

Gold. Indians. Hiking through rattlesnake-infested deserts with a pickaxe over his shoulder and pulling a pack mule behind him. He had loved the idea until one of the kids at school mentioned that during the summer the temperature reached 120 degrees in the shade. No thanks.

“Let’s move to Hawaii,” he said. “Then I can be a surfer and live on the beach.”

“Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Chase slapped his palm against his forehead. That’s what his mother always said right before she gave a long boring explanation of how the family needed to stay right here in Drifter Flats.

“Sorry, Mom,” he called over his shoulder as he bolted through the side entrance that led out to the driveway, letting the screen door slam behind him. “I don’t want to be late for school.” Continue reading

New Release: The Sex Club Diaries by James Grey

 Release Day – James Grey – The Sex Club Diaries
Author – James Grey
Book – The Sex Club Diaries
Event Date – 29th January
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at
those parties?

 The salacious ones people never speak about? Based on real

The Sex Club Diaries reveals the answers by taking you into a series of
swinger venues around the world. 

Brace yourself for the delicious vice that
goes hand in hand with an open mind and shelved inhibitions


He may write his fiction under a nom-de-plume, but James
Grey has been widely published by magazines and newspapers around the world for
the best part of two decades. He has generally spent his working life writing
about significantly less embarrassing topics than his own and other peoples’
sex lives.
Grey began writing erotica in the run-up to Christmas 2013,
inspired by a quick visit to a sauna in Germany and prompted by a subsequent
period of ennui at his aunt’s house in France. His self-published author ego
was born a week or two later on a grim, hung-over New Year’s Day in England.
He has gone on to become a category best-seller on Amazon on
more than one occasion, and is one of only a tiny handful of male authors
writing erotica. Take a look at his Author
or Fan Group, and you might even
find a picture of him the well-travelled Grey at a book signing event.
Grey is in his thirties, juggles authoring with a full-time
job and lives in Europe with no family and no pets. He does, however, like
women a lot, and is open to owning a cat one day. Although he’s convinced that
a cat always owns you, rather than the other way around…



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Spotlight: The Last Shadow Gate by Michael W. Garza

Print Length: 264 pages Simultaneous
Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: NeverHaven Press; First edition
Publication Date: March 3, 2017
Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic





Summer vacation was never supposed to be like this. It was bad enough Naomi had to be shipped off to her dad’s home for the summer and deal with her half-brother Gavin, but when the siblings are forced to spend their break with their great grandmother in upstate New York, everything changes. An investigation into the strange disappearance of their great-grandfather forces them to retrace his footsteps. They discover a gateway between worlds and encounter extraordinary creatures in a land where the people are desperate to escape the coming of a shade lord. To survive their adventure, Naomi and Gavin must settle their differences and find the elusive shadow gate that will take them home again.


Book 1: The Last Shadow Gate

Book 2: A Veil of Shadows (Coming 2017)

Book 3: The Shadow of War (Coming 2018)

Praise for THE LAST SHADOW GATE: “If this book had been around when I was a kid, I’d have held it right up there with The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings.” – Sunshine Somerville, Author of THE KOTA SERIES

“You won’t want to miss out on the thrilling yet perilous world beyond the shadow gates!” – J. Cornell Michel, Author of JORDAN’S BRAINS

*If you love fast-paced, YA Fantasy, THE LAST SHADOW GATE is the book for you.*

Available on Amazon.

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Where did the idea for The Last Shadow Gate come from?
This book was in the draft phase for over a decade. I based the characters on my kids
and as they grew and developed their own personalities I allowed the characters in the
book to do the same. It’s been a labor of love and seeing it finally in print has been a
wonderful experience. Every time I read through it I see my daughter and son on every

Where do you get your ideas?
Ideas for stories come from the strangest places. I never sit down and say ‘let’s write a
book’ there’s usually a spark that comes out of nowhere. It’s the littlest things that lead
to the big ideas for me. I’m never in a hurry when it comes to writing so I’ll sit on
something for quite a while and let it build until I can see an entire adventure from
beginning to end. In that way, by the time I sit down to write I usually know exactly
where I’m going.

How do you find the time to write?
As a father of three, time is always a challenge. Writing is a hobby for me. It’s
something I’m passionate about but my focus is usually needed elsewhere. A majority
of my writing is done in the quiet of a late night when everyone else is in bed. I take my
shots whenever I can get them. I’ve been known to disappear for a short time here and
there if I see an opening for a writing opportunity but a majority of the good stuff I get
down on paper is done long after everyone else is snoring.
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Spotlight: Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou by Steven Burgauer


Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou intertwines historic persons, actual events and distant locales of World War II with a fast-moving fictional Nazi plot to disrupt the manufacture of Higgins boats, the remarkable landing craft that won the war for the Allies.  Spanning the globe from amphibious landings at Guadalcanal, to the Navajo code talker school, to the exotic environs of New Orleans, to the secret world of Bletchley Park, this tautly written thriller, covering two weeks during the summer of 1942, combines a fully imagined cast of characters with the historically important figures of Andrew Higgins, members of American and British Intelligence, Navajo code talker Chester Nez, Commander Ian Fleming of MI6, along with a Polish intelligence officer, and “Silver Dollar Sam” Carolla, crime boss of New Orleans.

An old German is found dead in a New Orleans whorehouse.  Sewn into the lining of the dead man’s vest is a notebook filled with hand-drawn maps and notes about the comings and goings at military installations.  German conspirators fret that their local contact (the dead German) is overdue.  Mafia crime boss Nico Carolla, is soon drawn into the disposition of the corpse.

We move to the Pacific and meet the grandson of the dead German, PFC Brock, a U.S. Marine being trained for the landings at Guadalcanal.  Then we meet Andrew Jackson Higgins at the helm of the single most important landing craft ever built, the Higgins Boat, the steel-ramped landing craft that brought American troops to Pacific islands and to Normandy.  In his colorful manner, Higgins is instructing a class of Coast Guard newbies on how to properly drive and operate his nearly indestructible boat.  Higgins faces shortages of materials, manpower, and factory space.  The Mafia boss controls much of the labor supply.  Accommodations must be made to placate the mob family, who also have Old World connections in critical to the upcoming North African landings.

The Waffen-SS officers charged with sabotaging the Higgins Boat plant arrive, only to learn of the loss of the intelligence gathered by the dead German.  Now enter the code breakers at Bletchley Park who intercept the commando team’s messages, including one female mathematician through whose eyes we see inside Bletchley Park.

America is almost entirely dependent on Britain’s MI6 for intelligence gathering.  We meet Martina Amerada, a Cuban woman with a high-level banking responsibility, including ties to British intelligence, and who is Nico Carolla’s mistress.  Martina moves money for the crime family and provides diplomatic cover between the Palermo branch of the family and the planners of Operation Torch.  We are also introduced to the Navajo code-talker program essential to securing Marine Corps messages in the Pacific theater.

The German commando team searches for the lost notebook by visiting the whorehouses Brock has been known to frequent, which leads to a murder and later retaliation by the Mafia against the German conspirators.  Half the German commando team perishes.  US marshals are drawn into the story as bodies are discovered in the nearby bayous.  The Mafia is suspected.  When the marshals confront Carolla, the marshals are put on the trail of the commandos which leads to the death of the marshals.

Bletchley Park is busy trying to crack the code imbedded in the Himmler messages, We move back to the Pacific where grandson Brock is involved in the bloody landings ahead of Guadalcanal.  Brock is wounded and nearly dies as the remaining commando attempts to demolish the largest Higgins Boat manufacturing facility in New Orleans. With the help of British intelligence, Nico Carolla prevents the plant from being destroyed and thus becomes the hero of the story.

Operation Torch gets underway and the Higgins boats prove their indispensability to the war effort.  PFC Brock recovers from his wounds, and Martina takes possession of all intelligence related to the German commandos so the threat never becomes public knowledge.

Available on Amazon.

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Spotlight: A Perfect Murder and Other Stories by S. R. Nair

A naïve man and a divorcee, a wronged woman’s fight for justice, a poor woman’s desire for an iPad, a charming young man plots to seduce a beautiful, blonde tourist, a staunchly orthodox immigrant’s struggle to assimilate in the U.S. … These are some of the captivating stories in this book which heralds a distinct voice and is a “seriously good read”.

Available on Amazon.


About the Author

S. R. Nair has lived and worked in India, Hong Kong, Macau and USA. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Bombay and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of East Asia, Macau.  He has contributed to a non-fiction anthology on International Franchising in Emerging Markets.  He is the author of The Orphan & A Perfect Murder and Other Stories

Book Blitz & Giveaway: 101 Ways to Stay off the IRS Radar by Abby Eisenkraft


Abby Eisenkraft is the CEO of Choice Tax Solutions Inc.   She is a federally licensed Enrolled Agent (EA), an Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA), Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP) and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC).

Abby started her career in tax as a preparer, and quickly gained a reputation for successfully dealing with difficult tax problems, including those previously unsolvable by other tax professionals.  She currently specializes in tax controversy cases such as federal and state tax audits, non-filer cases, residency audits, international matters, etc.

Abby is passionate about defending taxpayer’s rights before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities.  She is a speaker on various tax and financial topics, a consultant (specializing in the self-employed), and is often quoted in the press as a tax and financial expert.

Connect with the Author here: 

~ Facebook ~ Website ~ Amazon ~ x


Abby Eisenkraft is one of America’s leading experts on IRS problems – and how to prevent them. Informative, slightly irreverent, and definitely not your typical IRS guide, this tax pro shares her experiences in the tax trenches, defending her clients against the IRS. Learn from the mistakes of others, and save time, money and grief.


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Abby says — No need to fear the IRS!  Arm yourself with knowledge.  Tax Pro Abby Eisenkraft takes you through 101 mistakes NOT to make – save yourself time, money and grief.
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Blog Tour: Ugly by Alexander Boldizar


The Ugly

By Alexander Boldizar

Genre: Satire/literary fiction/humor


Muzhduk the Ugli the Fourth is a 300–pound boulder–throwing mountain man from Siberia whose tribal homeland is stolen by an American lawyer out to build a butterfly conservatory for wealthy tourists. In order to restore his people’s land and honor, Muzhduk must travel to Harvard Law School to learn how to throw words instead of boulders. His anarchic adventures span continents, from Siberia to Cambridge to Africa, as he fights fellow students, Tuareg rebels, professors of law, dark magic, bureaucrats, heatstroke, postmodernists, and eventually time and space. A wild existential comedic romp, THE UGLY tells the tale of a flawed and unlikely hero struggling against the machine that shapes the people who govern our world.

Available on Amazon.


“A comedically absurd tour de force that examines the complex relationship between words and actions.” – Foreword Reviews (editor’s pick, 5 stars)

“[A] muscular critique of conflicts both intellectual and physical. A surprising treat.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“A full-on satire of contemporary law as mesmerizing and complex as something lost from Foster Wallace, yet as light in tone as A Confederacy of Dunces.” — Goodreads (#1 New Releases, Sept 2016)

“A bold and hilarious satire, a stunning debut.” — LB Book Notes

“This decade’s A Confederacy of Dunces.” — Christoph Paul, Clash Media


Author Bio

Alexander Boldizar was the first post-independence Slovak citizen to graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. Since then, he has been an art gallery director in Bali, an attorney in San Francisco and Prague, a pseudo-geisha in Japan, a hermit in Tennessee, a paleontologist in the Sahara, a porter in the High Arctic, a police-abuse watchdog in New York City, an editor and art critic in Jakarta and Singapore, and a consultant on Wall Street. His writing has won the PEN/Nob Hill prize and was the Breadloaf nominee for Best New American Voices. Boldizar currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where his hobbies include throwing boulders and choking people while wearing pajamas, for which he won a gold medal at the Pan American Championships and a bronze at the World Masters Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For several years, an online Korean dictionary had him listed as its entry for “ugly.”


Contact the Author

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @Boldizar



Blog Tour & Giveaway: Chaos Worlds Beyond by C.W. Holcomb

Chaos: Worlds Beyond
Reflections of Infinity Book 1
by CW Holcomb
Genre: SciFi Fantasy
As young gods fall to the Worlds from the stars they are born in,
appearing as comets streaking across the sky; sentient magical
artifacts call to the minds of men: calling with images and promises
of power from Wild Worlds. Massive and strange they hold gigantic
monsters and wonders that are beyond the scope of the imaginations of
the fearless Tribe of warriors that dare to magically travel to them!
C.W. Holcomb‘s writing style and major influences include a wide variety
of well known novelists that came before him including, J.R.R
Tolkien, Mary Stewart, Raymond E. Feist, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan,
Elizabeth Hayden and Frank Herbert. The biggest influences on his
style were Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind. He has drawn inspiration
for his novels from other areas as well including, animated shows and
video games.
His debut novel, Dark Moon Book one of the Brotherhood of the Moon, is
inspired by ancient Celtic legends about Werebeasts that stalked the
forests of the Scottish Highlands on the full moon. His newly
released novel, Chaos:Worlds Beyond Book one of the Reflections of
Infinity Saga is deeply inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology and Lore.
His works contain endearing characters that always have something
special and unique that helps them survive in the brutal and
unrelenting Worlds that he creates.